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Justin Fancy - 'Long Time Comin'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, singer-songwriter Justin Fancy has had country music in his veins since he was a kid. From an early age, through his musical extended family, Justin was handed down old song books that shaped his musical future. The likes of Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Willie Nelson were all major influences. Justin was drawn to their crying steel guitars and honky-tonk telecasters. Justin's career has spanned more than a decade in the live entertainment industry on the east coast. His experiences, both in the music industry and in life, are explored in his upcoming release Long Time Comin' due out this Summer. The album's title track is a shining example of Justin's undeniable talent.

The song "Long Time Comin'" commences with 16 beats of under-your-skin key pulsation building up to a hard-hitting country-rock drum intro that leads into a nice melodic, twangy guitar riff. The guitar riff returns between each verse sticking with you, and mid-way through a tasteful guitar solo shines center stage. If you love country guitar, there's plenty of great guitar moments in this song. The drums are crisp and clean in the mix and the bass provides excellent movement. From beginning to the end the arrangement of "Long Time Comin'" is in-the-pocket and pristine. The track was produced by Sevenview Studios and was written and composed by Justin.

After the intro, the music makes space for Justin's radio-ready vocals to enter. "I’ve been decades dealin’ out Dirty Old Town’s / Got a steady job makin’ bar door rounds / It’s been a – long time comin’ around / It’s been a – long time comin’ around." Justin's vocals can stand toe-to-country-boot-toe with singers on the mainstream country airwaves today. Justin sounds like a singer who has earned his stripes - he owns every note of this song. He's natural, confident and expressive.

The chorus of "Long Time Comin'" is highly memorable as the phrase "It's been a long time comin' around" is cleverly repeated.

"Time and Time I’ll write that song Tryin’ to better my life and fix what’s wrong It’s been a – long time comin’ around It’s been a – long time comin’ around."

"Long Time Comin'" is a song about what it means to be an artist who has devoted his life to music. Themes include resiliency and tenacity. Justin keeps it real and honest as he reveals that sometimes things don't work out the way you thought they would or right away, but it's worth hanging in just the same. "I’ve been years and years writin’ these songs / Tryin’ to better my life and fix what’s wrong."

If "Long Time Comin'" took all these year's of experience to be born - it was well worth the wait. The song is perfectly conceived and composed. Justin's performance showcases his year's of hard-work. His ultimate goal is to share his experiences through music and anyone who listens to "Long Time Comin'" will hear a lifetime of living and music in this one masterpiece of country music. Justin Fancy is not an artist who is "comin'" - he is an artist who has fully arrived in every sense of the word.

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