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Justin Fancy - 'Think About You'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Hailing from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada, Justin Fancy has earned his place as an accomplished and polished country music artist who is ready for national expansion. Fancy has spent over a decade paying his dues on the vibrant and competitive George street bar scene in the heart of St. John’s, Newfoundland. His formative years have paid off and it shows. His first two singles, "Long Time Comin’ and "Think About You" have been released in advance of his full-length anticipated album which is scheduled for 2020. "Long Time Comin" has already been picked up by more than 30 country radio stations nationwide, and the single "Think About You" promises to be equally successful.

Light strumming guitar and percussion along with a pulsing ambience kick off "Think About You." Between phrases, a mandolin plucks out short melodic fills that add a tasteful touch. Throughout, the production is pristine and tight with a great buildup to the chorus that utilizes vocal dynamics and well-placed rhythmic breaks to keep the song moving forward and ever-engaging. "Think About You" has all the makings of a charting hit country single. With a lush Nashville sound, the track is undeniably radio-ready.

Fancy's vocal performance and the song's lyrics are as impressive as the track's production. Showcasing all three elements including great production, a moving vocal performance and universal lyrics, "Think About You" is a song that has it all.

Fancy sings with a pure tone that is highly enjoyable. He is expressive, but never over the top which allows the song to breath and unfold naturally. "I think about you, When it’s late enough to call it a night, I get emotional, stereotypical. My mind is putting up a real good fight."

"Think About You" is not your typical break-up song. There is no "you done me wrong" or bitterness. Instead, the song offers a mature and honest look at love and loss. The song is touching and tender in a way that brings down the defenses and opens the heart as only music can. Justin has taped into a place where the heart has moved on, but still remembers the love. The more-than-catchy chorus is one you can sing along to:

"When the rain falls When the sky’s fall When the leaves fall I think about you When the pain comes When the worlds wrong When I write a song I think about you." The video for "Think About You" perfectly paints the emotions of the song. Scenes feature Fancy contemplating his lost relationship while walking the back roads of his hometown along with imagines of a woman going about her morning routine with similar thoughts and emotions. The actress portraying Fancy’s lost love is Samantha Picco who is a long-time friend of Fancy's and a former Big Brother contestant (2019/Season 7).

"Think About You" demonstrates Fancy's immense talent as a songwriter. He captures the complexity of human emotion through a song that explores processing the end of a relationship with maturity and grace.

Written and composed by Justin Fancy who sings the lead vocals and plays guitar, the highly memorable "Think About You" hits universal appeal with it's melody, performance, and lyrics. Produced by Sevenview Studios with excellent production sensibilities, "Think About You" is a fantastic song that has an authentic sincerity that listeners will fall in love with. This could be the song that breaks Fancy into the big league and is definitely one you should add to your playlist. Fancy is a 2020 Country artist to watch.

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