• Bryon Harris

Kama Tala - 'Honore'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Honore” is an unbelievably engaging and uplifting song which features a wealth of well-executed musical ideas. The eclectic mix of indie, pop, and world music is a home run. An impressively intricate arrangement demonstrates quality in each of its individual characteristics, of which there are many. The overall vibe of the song delivers a relaxed yet passionate energy which is incredibly inviting and infectious.

Lyrically, “Honore” is a poetic message of harmony and unity. “What do you envision? Are you gonna stop or are ya gonna listen? When you multiply division you end up where you made your decision.” Rhetorical in nature, these lyrics take shape and life though the energy of the music. “it ain’t lost on me with someone to accompany I wanna be With rhythm in Honore.” Honore is described by Kama Tala as being the generational “home” to the songwriter’s family…all can relate to this concept of longing for community and unity.

The arrangement of “Honore” is brilliant. Afro-pop and Island sensibilities in the rhythm section and percussion tracks are blended seamlessly with accordion accompaniment and indie songwriting.

Coolly delivered vocal tracks are confidently relaxed and highly effective. A statement-making bridge showcases production and arrangement virtuosity. “Honore” will make Kama Tala one of your new favorite bands.


About Kama Tala

Hailing from Chicago, IL, KamaTala weaves Soul, Rock, Indie Pop, Surf, & World music together to create a unique vibe. KamaTala’s debut album ‘Before the Wind‘ released on 03.07.21, is a personal look at the human condition with each track offering a unique flavor of emotion. Lead composer Philip Earhart explains, “…to me, the most compelling stories have range. I try to write about darkness and light simultaneously. That duality is what feels most real to me, so I try to invoke that push and pull when I craft a song. I like to hide ideas in my lyrics in subtle ways with many references to deeply personal experiences, religion, culture etc. Kama Tala completed their second project, 'The Wayside' in the spring of 2021. Critic Rita Alcott writes, “…there is a potent combination of lyrical sophistication and a haunting, yet mesmerizing beauty in The Wayside." She describes the album as, “…a collection of upbeat rhythms laced with visions of hope.”

Amelia Vandergast of A&R Factory writes, "If you could imagine what it would sound like if the Smiths was a Caribbean pop outfit, you will be able to get an idea of the jangly magnetism contained in Kama Tala’s recently released single, ‘Honore’. The Chicago-hailing artist crosses borders and merges everything from soul to rock to pop to jazz in their sun-soaked tracks, but that’s not the most notable facet of Kama Tala’s talent. The ingenuity largely stems from the seamless melding of the genres while never detracting from the accessibility of his sound. But the true distinction comes through their heartfelt vocal delivery." Travis Erwin of LA on Lock adds, "There is an optimistic energy and spirit about this track from Kama Tala that lifts the song and makes it impossible not to fall in and sing along. A bit of island flair and a dash of Paul Simon brings it all alive."

Kama Tala is looking forward to performing in the summer of 2021 and is continuing to write and record new music for the upcoming release. For more information please visit Kama-Tala.com or check them out on Spotify or anywhere else you listen to music!


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