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Karen Harding - 'I Didn't Realise'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“I Didn’t Realize” is a delicate and emotional piano song. It’s incredibly cinematic and features such beautiful textures from all of the performances. Overall, it is a minimalistic song, but achieves a very full sound and is very satisfying. There is an underlying presence of something epic arising, which finally comes to fruition in the last section of the song where drums come in and the energy gets cranked up a few notches. “I Didn’t Realize” is an emotional journey that gives listeners such a cathartic release. Karen Harding is the sole songwriter and performer. The track was produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music

Lyrically, Karen Harding is reflecting on a breakup. The lyrics are written in an interesting way where each song section focuses on a different stage of reflection that people often go through when grieving. During the verses she is reflecting on all the heartbreaking emotions that were present during the breakup. “I didn’t realise you’d reject the words I said, I never thought that our life was gonna end.” It’s so clear in her writing how unexpected and blind-sided she was by the breakup. In the choruses she goes on to express the many confusing feelings that often swirl around our minds when grieving. “Is it too late to take the pain away? You ran through the gate so fast I thought you’d fall, now you’re gone, I’m moving on, is it too late? It’s just too late.” You can really feel her pain thanks to her expressive writing style.

The arrangement centers around the piano, but as “I Didn’t Realise” progresses, many layers come in to grow and build to a climactic finish. Karen’s voice is so smooth and sweet, and it really dances beautifully with the sound of the piano. The song breathes and swells with passion when the strings come in and out. The strings don’t only add a sentimental layer to the song, but also aptly fill out the frequency rage, both in the lower and high register. To really help the song end with a bang, drums come in just for a short bit, but long enough to leave an emotional impact. “I Didn’t Realise” is a soft and heart-rending song that will touch the souls of many people. It is a journey of heartbreak and healing performed with grace.

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About Karen Harding

For Melbourne, Australia based artist, Karen Harding, music is not only an outlet for expression of her feelings and emotions, drawn from a lifetime of experiences.. music is a soul conversation, that allows the masks that we hide behind to fall away for a moment of sharing.. a moment of mutual understanding.. in a language that does not discriminate in any form. To picture the sound of Karen Harding’s music, imagine for a moment.. you are sitting outdoors at a private, casual tea party.. it’s early in the morning and there is still a thin layer of fog lining the ground and the sun is just beginning to break for the first morning light. While sipping our tea, we are joined by guests, Sarah McLaughlin, Sara Barielles and Eva Cassidy and comparing stories about the depths of life.

Music has always been a part of Karen’s life, learning piano from the age of 6, beginning singing lessons from the age of 14 and more recently learning to play the guitar.. Throughout the years, Karen has played at many cafes and bars around the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in a combination of solo, duo and band performances, that have contributed to the sound that you hear today. Her true love of the art comes from the creativity of writing her own music.