• Bryon Harris

Karen Salicath Jamali-'Angel Gabriel'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Angel Gabriel” is an airy, beautiful piece of music. The melodic of narrative of this piece is rich and textured. Jamali plays sensitively and precisely. Her touch is smooth and deliberate. Listeners will be amazed at how this music seems to flow effortlessly from one idea to the next, creating a beautiful storyline.

Written as a homage to Angel Gabriel, this piece focuses on hope and compassion. Needed and welcomed in today’s world, the healing sounds of this music will put any mind at ease. Listeners will easily be able to pick up on the musical message delivered by Jamali. While open ended and up to interpretation, this music nevertheless delivers a clear and distinct message.

The arrangement of “Angel Gabriel” is masterful. Jamali’s use of space at the top of the piece juxtaposes perfectly with the more rhythmically dense climax. The harmonic progressions are very smooth but not at all predictable. The sound is heavenly.

The ending section is a lovely surprise. This music is hypnotic and relaxing, yet very deliberately constructed Listeners will be pleased to take an inspirational musical journey while hearing “Angel Gabriel.”

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About Karen Salicath Jamali

Karen is a Professional Multi Award-winning Composer, Pianist, and Professional American Artist, for the last 30 years, born in Denmark, living and working in NYC. & Florida, voting member of the Recording Academy.

It wasn’t until an accident that caused a head injury and a near-death experience that Karen started to play music. Previously unable to play the piano, the head injury amazingly opened up a new world for Karen, and she began to play beautiful and meditative music. this music healed her..The music will put the listener into a relaxed state of consciousness. The accident occurred in 2012 and after a long recovery in 2015, she began to hear music in her dreams and decided to record & play what she was experiencing. After 5 years of playing The result are 7 beautiful Albums & 2500+ music compositions and more than a million listeners, her latest Album Sound of Angels was up for Grammy consideration in 2021 in the categories "Album of the Year" &"Best Contemporary Instrumental Album" & "Best Music Video" with the music piece "In Water". The Album “Sound Of Angels” is Inspired by the Angels.

For more information about Karen Salicath Jamali, please visit her website.


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