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Karl Meyer - 'Still Angry'

Review Written by Reviewer Victoria Scott & Staff

A massive metal guitar hit introduces the erratic, electric, and evasive vocals, detailing the emotional strain of being undermined and underappreciated by ego-driven superiors in “Still Angry” from the album Career Ending Move by Karl Meyer.

The explosion of “Still Angry,” "punk for adults" with tight drums by Tim Reisig, heavy bass and killer guitar by Karl, and stimulating vocals from Karl and Sabrina Betancourt take the song by storm. In the chorus to each verse, there are aspects of L7’s style in the instrumentation. Sabrina's lead vocals have an extraordinary and spirited style similar to Joan Jett, and Karl has dynamic edginess giving his vocal tone confidence.

“Still Angry” explores the concept of “going out with a bang” by taking control of your life either from a bad job, marriage, or people that hold you back from moving forward. Like the chorus says,

“You’re damn right I’ve got a point to prove, There’s nothing left that I can lose. I got a lit match next to the fuse, And here’s my latest career-ending move.”

The detailed and vivid imagery in the song entices you in with the palpable rage and frustrating emotions. The album Career Ending Move is about taking control and leaving a corporate lifestyle. “Still Angry” presents a women’s viewpoint in terms of breaking free from common expectations.

Karl Meyer is an experienced and versatile musician, performer, and savage writer. The mature themes and high energy display an impulsive drive in the song. “Still Angry” captivates and relates to it's audience - punk for adults. Everyone, at some point in time, has the desire to be free from their mundane, belittling, or even seemingly tragic adult life. Karl has nontraditional themes that draw people into his punk and radical world and his music says what many are thinking - Karl is a voice for the disenfranchised adult.

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About Karl Meyer

While still in high school, Karl co-founded the hardcore punk outfit Sluggo, whose Contradiction E.P. is still regarded as a genuine article of DIY Midwestern thrash. Despite his young age, Karl earned a local reputation as a solid, fast bassist and was soon sought after by established bands like SS-20 and The Edge. By the time he left town for college in 1986, Karl had performed dozens of gigs at the legendary Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky, recorded six records, and co-founded the notorious Human Zoo.

After moving to Chicago in the 1990’s, Karl started his second musical career as a hustling, bass-playing sideman in the local blues scene, performing with many legendary artists including Little Mac Simmons, Eddie Taylor, Jr., Tail Dragger, Little Arthur Duncan, Alex “Easy Baby” Randle, Willie Buck, and many others. Along the way, Karl developed an interest in authentic blues harmonica and produced three harmonica blues CDs for established labels Random Chance Records and Wolf Records.

In 2015 Karl responded to an advertisement for a punk rock bass player. Within a few months he found himself writing a fresh batch of songs to perform with his new band-mates Sabrina, Ted, and Nicole. They named the band LC/50, and in 2017, released their first E.P. “Lovebirds and Lies.” At 50 Karl returned to punk and songwriting and decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of making his own album, on his own terms, with concessions to no one.


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