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Emily Cole - 'Karma'

Music Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Karma” is a single by Cole, and produced by Eddie Ferguson. An Alternative Pop song, the song begins with an intro built with layers of synths and an interesting hook. Cole’s vocals come in with the verse, and is joined by the groove, which gives the song a half-time feel coming out of the intro. There is a perfect balance of rhythmic and melodic ideas that support Cole’s vocals, including an 8th note counter melody that continues into the chorus and glues the song together.

The first chorus is cleverly arranged, with the first half driven by the 8th note counter melody and snare. The kick rejoins on the second half, which helps the song build in dynamics, and helps the listener really feel the groove. Subsequent development in the song features new synth sounds, and well executed background vocals.

The song’s lyrics tell a personal story for Cole in which a few “friends” of hers turned out to be not who she thought they were. She sings on how these so-called “friends,” were stealing her true friends, breaking her down, and spreading rumors about her. In the next verse, she ponders on “why do plastic people with the fakest personalities always come back” to haunt her. Her message for listeners is that “if you don’t treat people how you want to be treated, karma’s going to come back to you.”

“Karma” by Emily Cole is a powerful, and honest song to which many listeners can connect to. A well crafted, and well produced song, “Karma” shows off Cole’s prowess as a songwriter, and puts her in the spotlight as a powerhouse young vocalist and expressive genius.


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About Emily Cole

Emily Cole is an award-winning alt-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass, and mandolin).

In addition to winning a Josie Music Award for Best Contemporary Pop Vocalist of the Year, Emily was selected as an emerging songwriter and artist for the Muscle Shoals Songwriter Festival in Alabama and the Mesa Music Festival in Arizona.

Emily Cole is a Texas Native, and has been in the music scene since the release of her debut album in 2015. Cole worked with Producer Eddie Ferguson, a man who has worked alongside the father of Beyonce, on her debut album, and he brought out some new sounds in Cole’s music to really make it come alive.  Cole has been influenced by artists such as Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez and Hailee Steinfeld. Her sound is like a mix between indie pop and alternative pop music of today. 

Emily Cole is an advocate for nonprofit organizations and performs for vents/fundraisers to help those less fortunate. This year will be Emily’s 4th performance with the Houston Via Colori. This is an amazing street art fundraiser festival held downtown. All proceeds go to The Center for Hearing and Speech. Last year, 7,894 children received services through the Center’s programs.

When Emily is not performing, she’s in the studio recording original music. She has plans to release new music early January, 2020 and a west coast tour along the California coast is scheduled for mid-January, 2020.

For more information about Emily Cole, please visit her Website.

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