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KatieBeth - 'All That Matters'

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

The formidable guitar intro is our first clue that “All That Matters” by KatieBeth is a thrilling work of passion and zeal. We quickly become witness to the power and control vested in KatieBeth’s voice as the first verse begins. Throughout the song, we are treated to soulful guitar fills, conservative drum lines, and catchy melodies, all set to a descending chord progression that speaks to “All That Matters” vast, awe-inspiring nature.

Lyrically, the song touches on a spontaneous experience the artist had in observing a soldier return from battle and embrace his young daughter after so long. The moment captured in this song comes to life through perfectly descriptive phrases and emotional nuances. Based on this beautiful story, KatieBeth goes even further to provide a message that can resonate with everyone who hears it.

“Can't shake the memories / Cant escape the misery / Wars raging through is mind / It's time to move on with his life”

KatieBeth provides a direct path for the courage and bravery of those who serve in the military to inspire her listeners. There is no better, more passionate voice to bring these ideas to life, all while we are treated to a world of skillful musicianship and harmonic genius.

“All That Matters” is a true anthem for the courage and strength that we are all capable of demonstrating delivered by a moving vocal performance that will send shivers down your spine, songwriting that touches your soul, and musicianship that is first-class.


About KatieBeth

Since 2004 KatieBeth has been rocking it out in WI, and TN. With a voice born in rock and roll and stained by whiskey, her powerful energy on stage and raw vocal talent is blazing a trail worldwide.

Every KatieBeth performance is like a musical autobiography of KatieBeth (the person). Her voice is a blend of rock and country. Her style pulls equally from her Wisconsin roots and her Tennessee years. Her lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, redemption, and hope. With every verse and chorus, KatieBeth unleashes the raw, uncensored emotion of someone who has learned life's lessons the hard way.

But behind her amazing vocal range, and beneath her "take-me-as-I-am attitude," lies an alluring vulnerability. KatieBeth is both soft and hard. She is just as willing to love as she is to kick ass. This contrast—this paradox—is who she is. And because of this, she connects with her audience.

KatieBeth's music isn’t defined by a genre or a format. It's guts and grit. KatieBeth's music is rock that hits you in the face with heart and soul, and it has the down-to-earth story-telling sensibilities of country music. It is something different, and new. KatieBeth is in every line and in every guitar lick. Her music and the records she makes are dedicated to anyone who has a dream or wants for something more. For more information, please visit KatieBeth's website


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