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Katy Crawford - 'Grace That Saves the World'

Review by Reagan March & Staff

During such a difficult time in society as a whole, Katy Crawford’s new single, “Grace That Saves The World””, has a message that everyone wants to hear. From the soothing tone of the piece to the perfectly executed acoustic guitar, Katy perfectly expresses her moving message.

As the intro eases into the storyline, the gradual crescendo into the music builds the comfort the listeners are pleased to welcome. The originality of this spiritual piece is quite evident through the incorporation of shakers and the powerful backing vocals.

As the song progresses, Crawford’s calming voice bears nothing but satisfaction to the listener’s ear. The message of her song becomes quite clear even just from the phrases such as, “Grace requires a willing vessel, so I submit myself to you, I won’t fight it. I won’t lose hope, cause in Your hand I always know I will be, let the grace that saves the world begin with me”. The message of this piece portrays itself to be regarding trust in God. We as his people, must choose to trust in him like Mary did, despite how imperceptible the journey he takes us on may be. “Holy, holy you are worthy I am overcome with praise I will lift my heart in worship”, describes the faith given to God, that religious listeners can relate to, especially during times when one may need hope and something to convince them that everything will be okay.

The positivity and tranquility of “Grace That Saves The World” proves that it deserves a worthwhile listen to and listeners will be satisfied that they have found such a wholesome piece. The true artistry is evident in Crawford’s song considering the message like no other that gives listeners hope and confidence in their faith.

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About Katy Crawford

Dallas native, KatyCrawford is a singer-songwriter who has been leading worship at home and abroad for over a decade. She grew up in church, ministering alongside her family, and continues to carry on that legacy by striving to bring the songs the Lord has given her to people around the world. Her international ministry led her to begin recording her original songs in 2015, beginning with a French worship EP, then following with several releases in English. Working with legendary Nashville producer Billy Smiley, she released two singles, Grace That Saves the World and By My Side.

The first, released for Christmas in 2019, is a melodic and powerful song about accepting and partnering with God in His plan for this Earth, much in the way that Mary accepted the call to become the mother of Jesus. The second, released in March 2020, is an intimate prayer to the Lord from a place of brokenness, expressing the need to continue to find our identity in Him no matter what circumstance.

Katy’s newest project, Dwell, once again produced by Smiley and recorded at Sound Kitchen and at Red Street Records, was released in June 2020. Dwell, is a collection of songs written during a time when she felt the Lord calling her to read through and write a new song from each of the Psalms every day. Her fresh and sincere take on these well-known scriptures allows the listener to feel a deeper connection with those ancient words, many of which focus on glorifying God in times of distress. It is the latest in a collection of releases that reflects her heart for ministry and dedication to the calling the Lord has placed on her life to reach the nations through music.


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