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Kay Soul - 'Blood In My Veins'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

“Blood In My Veins,” from vocal powerhouse Kay Soul, will have you falling in love with her sound if you have yet to discover her already. This track showcases Kay’s stunning vocals through a slow-tempo, grungy, bluesy, soul ridden track.

It kicks off with a crunchy, distorted bass accompanied by steady percussion keeping a tight rhythm. Ambient synth organ drones in the background along with electric guitar making for a richly textured soundscape. Smooth vocaleces from Kay grace the track before she completely steals the show with her warm vocal melodies as she sings,

There’s blood in my veins Fear in my pain Blood in my veins Fear in my pain.”

After the first verse, the ambient organ comes forward, the bass enters a stellar groove, and the percussion becomes more intricate driving energy into the track as it progresses. Each passing verse and chorus grows bigger in sound, locking in your ears with tantalizing harmonies and instrumental licks. As Kay let’s go in the second verse, her vocals are sure to leave a lasting impression through a climactic and emotional performance.

Kay's intro sets her up to tell her story throughout the verses. Kay sings about life's ups and downs describing her journey as "See I been going through since a very little girl. Born at the bottom with a tattered old soul." Kay moves on to describe how she was saved, "Thank God he heard me. And he saved me.

Kay Soul's "Blood In My Veins" will pump through your veins with groove, guts and gusto. Her strong performance also yields a strong message of resilience, faith and hope. Kay set out to share her broken pieces to inspire others. One listen to Kay's song, and her expressive performance, and you will hear that she has moved from broken to beautiful. Whole, worthy and wonderful, Kay Soul presents a great track and a great performance.

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About Kay Soul

Kay Soul is a singer, songwriter, poet, role model and plus fashion model based in Chicago. Kay was nominated for 'Best R&B Singer' at the Chicago Independent Music Awards. As an in-demand performer, she was a featured artist at the 2019 Curves Beautifully Empowered Women's Conference. She also headlined at Elbo Room Chicago and Underground Wonder Bar, the Silver Room Block Party, and Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. Kay Soul was also honored to sing The National Anthem at the NBA match-up between Milwaukee and Orlando.

Kay is an 'Artist to Watch' ( 716 Live Magazine) and is the first featured artist on the Canadian based music-streaming platform, Whoozl. Her forthcoming album, In My Mind, encourages others to find beauty in their broken spaces. Released in advance of the album, "Blood In My Veins", is a great way to get acquainted with Kay's undeniable talent.

For more information on Kay Soul, please visit her website.


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