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Kay Soul - "Gotta Go"

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

"Gotta Go," is an inspiring R & B song by Kay Soul. Synthesized electronic vocals and a hip-hop backbeat introduce the first verse. The booming sub-bass and the subtle rap cadence are enhanced by Kay's soulful, dynamic and electrifying vocals. Her lyrics highlight her inspiring message about being the best you can be. The production by Erik "Mr. Doublebeats" Ficklin emphasizes Kay's inspirational message by focusing on the soulful harmonies in the vocals.

Move forward and don’t listen to the haters and the naysayers. “Gotta Go” is about letting your light shine and hustling until you achieve your goal. Her message is about not caring about what others say; you have to let your light shine because no one can’t stop you from expressing your greatness. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and no one can’t take that from you. As Kay sings the chorus:

“I been grindin to the top. I gotta go, I’m leaving now, I gotta go. Move forward now, and you can’t stop my flow. Can’t stop my vibe Can’t stop my shine It’s just my time. No, you can’t stop my flow. Can’t stop my vibe. Can’t stop my shine. It’s just my time.”

Kay Soul is an excellent songwriter and her performance is heartfelt and insightful. Her style is dynamic and unique with vocals that draw you in and keep you hooked. She is a driven and passionate artist, and her lyrics resonate deeply. “Gotta Go” is upbeat and unconventional, with its hip-hop beats, R & B instrumentation, and Kay’s bold vocals and uplifting message. In "Gotta Go", there's only one direction that Kay Soul is going and that is to the top of her goals.

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About Kay Soul

Kay Soul is a recording artist based in Chicago. Kay began singing and writing songs in elementary school and recorded her first solo song at the age of 19. Kay strives to promote positivity and faith through her songs. Vulnerable and heartwarming, Kay’s music provides perseverance through tough times. Through powerful, soulful and emotionally-rich vocals, Kay's music is an authentic journey of self-expression.

Kay Soul is a 2020 W.A.M (We are the Music Makers) award nominee for the HerSong Artist of the Year for Blood In My Veins and Winner for Best R&B album for her album Hiding In Plain Sight. Kay was Previously nominated for a Chicago Independent Music Award for best R&B singer, Kay has released multiple singles, a mix tape, her debut EP "Deeper" and full-length album "Hiding in Plain Sight". She has performed at several high-profile events including headlining at Elbo Room Chicago and Underground Wonder Bar, the Silver Room Block Party, Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City and singing The National Anthem at the NBA matchup between Milwaukee and Orlando. Kay Soul has been a featured artist in numerous publications including Chicago Music Guide 2020, Voyage LA, Buzz Music, Indie Music Reporter, Luxe Kurves Magazine, and Rolling Out Magazine. Kay Soul was listed as an Artist to watch by 716 Live magazine and Indie Spoonful.


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