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Kay Soul - 'Strong Connection'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Strong Connection” is an ethereal pulsation of a song that is delightfully glitchy and shimmers with every sound. With its slow-moving pace, the listener is able to really hone in on the track's dense and complex atmosphere. There is so much passion and soul here it’s really quite overwhelming, which perfectly amplifies its subject matter of the beauty of having a strong connection. With lots of unique sounds bolstered by a strong beat and smooth vocals, this is the kind of song that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

Lyrically, Kay Soul is reflecting on the formidable sensation love is when you find a strong connection with someone. What is so beautiful about love is, when with the right person, it can change you in ways you never imaged. Kay Soul wonderfully meditates on this within her lyrics in a way that is poetic and imaginative. “Gotta strong connection, kinda like reflection, if I’m bein’ honest, you make me lose direction”. She also brings an other-worldly vibe to the lyrics in how she sings about how a connection with another person can transcend anything physical or tangible. “You love me, and I love you, soul ties forever be, connected to you”.

Furthering the other worldly and ethereal vibe is the incredible arrangement that floats and glistens from start to finish. The synths have this hazy feeling to them, and it creates the feeling of slowing down. This is so meaningful to the song because when you feel a strong connection with someone it often feels like time slows down and all that matters is that person who you love so deeply. Kay Soul’s vocals are so milky smooth, and her inflections are filled with authenticity and emotion. A strong sub bass gives the song an incredible low end that creates a strong foundation for the entirety of the song. “Strong Connection” is a spirited electronic offering that is filled with soul and heart. Stream on Spotify


About Kay Soul

Kay Soul is a recording artist, songwriter, and aspiring plus model based in Chicago. Kay began singing and writing songs in elementary school and recorded her first solo song at the age of 19. Kay Soul is a 2020 W.A.M (We are the Music Makers) Winner for Best R&B album for “Hiding In Plain Sight” and nominee for the HerSong Blog artist of the year award for her May 2020 release, “Blood In My Veins”.

In October 2020, Kay released her new album “In My Mind” distributed by The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music. Wrapped in a theme of broken and beautiful, Kay shared the broken pieces of herself with the intent of inspiring listeners to find the beauty in their broken spaces. To date, “In My Mind” has been Kay’s most successful project garnering over 15k streams within the first 3 months, resonating with her audience, and critically acclaimed by several notable music blogs and podcasts. Society of Sound included Kay Soul as part of their 2021 rollout of meaningful artists to watch, calling Kay “a ray of sunshine, showing people that there is still beauty to found, even when we’re feeling down.” (SOS Music Media, January 2021). In reference to the song “Silly Love”, A&R Factory, a top ten music blog in the UK, highlighted Kay’s cultural relevance stating, “while plenty of people had fun discussing whether WAP was a feminist track, artists such as Kay Soul was cooking up the most empowering track that I’ve heard this year.”

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