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KC Johns - 'Thunder'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

Mysterious guitar arpeggios set an exotic tone that initially gives me the immediate feeling of being out in the desert. This feeling is only further accentuated by the spacey atmospheric guitar lines, soulful organs and interesting chord changes.

The mood shifts once the powerhouse vocals of singer/songwriter KC Johns cut through the mix. Suddenly, the music is tinged with a country-rock vibe which is supported by slices of slide guitar and a driving rhythm section that heats up the track.

The music is very cleverly written. The pre-chorus chord progression in particular is what really grabbed my attention. It’s so well put together that it tricks my ear into thinking it knows what to expect. Once the chorus hits however, I’m pleasantly surprised when the ethereal tension of the pre-chorus holds on just a little bit longer until the 2nd half of the chorus creating a burst of unpredictability that makes this song stand out for originality. This genius arrangement concept creates a lot of excitement.

"Thunder" is an anthem for reclaiming your self worth and not letting anyone take away your "thunder." "Don't take away my thunder. Don't try to pull me under. Don't use me. I'm nobody's fool."

A gritty rock influence is apparent throughout, but this is without a doubt a catchy country-rock song. KC’s vocal delivery proves she has some fiery rock n roll grit without coming off too aggressive giving her mass appeal. Emotionally moving and very exciting, “Thunder” aptly describes KC Johns as she takes the country music scene by storm.

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About KC Johns

Growing up with strong Memphis roots as her foundation, KC Johns has had quite an interesting journey so far. Inspired by artists such as Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, and Brandi Carlisle, to the Memphis Blues of Otis Redding, to the raw sounds of Chris Stapleton and the Rock vocals of Led Zeppelin, KC has been shaping her musical tastes all across the world. Creating a visionary concept of herself inside her head while all the while bringing her heart one step closer to everything she was meant to be as a true artist.

From cruise ships singing in every port in the Atlantic, the Caribbean, and to countries east; to being featured in Dolly Parton’s ‘Christmas Coat of Many Colors’, and opening for artists like Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Randy Houser, and Trailer Choir, she recently met up with Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Billy Smiley (WhiteHeart, Johnny Cash, and Petra) to create and develop the sound she had been waiting for. She is currently writing with Smiley and several top songwriters in Nashville. Working at the famous Sound Kitchen Studio D in Franklin, TN, they are recording an exciting collection of songs the old way, hard work and careful attention to detail and direction. Look for exciting things this fall and next spring, and expect to hear KC Johns on the airwaves. KC will hopefully roll into your town in 2020-2021!


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