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Kevin Lee and the Kings - "Best Is Yet To Come"

Review by Dylan Lloyd

The new song "Best Is Yet To Come" by Kevin Lee and the Kings from their latest EP release entitled "Lightning Strikes" is a massive rock anthem with an extremely catchy chorus. The layered group vocals belt out the lyrics in the chorus with rock and roll grit, while the guitars fill up the thick stereo image on this song. The bass and drums groove right in the pocket while also providing movement with varying drum fills and bassline runs that happen throughout this track.

Lyrically, "Best Is Yet To Come" is about looking toward the future in a positive light with hope of what lies ahead. They convey the optimistic message of the songs with lyrics like, "There's something here, that gives me faith to carry on. It's so clear this is where I belong" and of course the chorus lyric line "I just can't believe my eyes, I'm staring at a new sunrise, now I know the best is yet to come." When the vocal layers come in with the choruses' lead vocal, it dramatically impacts the hopeful lyrical message sung on this recording.

"Best Is Yet To Come" by Kevin Lee and the Kings is an uplifting song with captivating lyrics that would be perfect for any modern rock playlist. The multi-tracked electric guitars, huge-sounding drums, thick bass tone, and passionately sung vocals all work cohesively together on this song to create an incredibly full sound. Check out this song and the rest of the songs on Kevin Lee and the Kings' newest EP, "Lightning Strikes."


About Kevin Lee & The Kings

Kevin Lee: Lead Vocals, Guitar Kevin Lee, and the Lonesome City Kings were signed to MCA. The band's first single, "Standing in the Line of Fire," was chosen for an NBA All-Stars Video and used in the movie "A Dangerous Woman." Lee released his first solo album, "Walk A Mile In My Shoes," in 1998 on Bubblehaus Records. In 2002 Kevin released the critically acclaimed CD "Loaded" on Chicago-based Big Blast Records. In 2006 Lee released "Flip the Switch" on Sigus Records to rave reviews worldwide. In 2010 Lee released "Dusk Till Dawn" on Sigus Records featuring his trademark songwriting with big hooks, chunky guitars, and melodies that listeners can't forget. The song "Time Won't Stand Still" hit #1 at WMWX in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2013 the album Breakout was released, and Lee was voted one of the best Chicago artists by the Illinois Entertainer. In 2018 Kevin Lee & the Kings released the hook-filled "Sticks & Stones" to excellent reviews. Lee was voted best new artist by Fireworks Magazine UK in 2007 and toured as an opening act playing multiple 20,000-plus seat arenas for REO, Cheap Trick, Pearl Jam, Lou Gramm, and Matthew Sweet. Kevin's song "Tonight" was featured in the 2016 major film release "Spaceman" and had pieces placed on several MTV reality shows. Kevin Lee & the Kings were named one of the best local bands for 2013 & 2018 by the Illinois Entertainer.

Visit their website for more information: www.kevinleeonline.com


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