• Bryon Harris

Kralingen - "Intoxicated"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Intoxicated” is an intense and beautiful song. A pensive harmonic structure supports Kralingen’s quietly passionate vocals. Swirling sonic textures combine with rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming and pure piano melodies to create a rich emotional tone. Kralingen’s performance illuminates the song’s lyrical content and provides an enticing quality to the song.

Lyrically, “Intoxicated” is simultaneously whimsical and sobering.

“You haven’t said a thing, You’re just testing me, Through your deepest lakes I swim, It’s fascinating.”

The raw honesty of these matches the instrumental musings beautifully.

“We’re making love, Without touching, Locking horns, But there’s no fighting.”

Kralingen’s delivery gives the effect of spontaneity as if these realizations are unfolding in real-time, giving the song an exciting feeling.

The arrangement of “Intoxicated” is courageous and artistic. Rhythmic and melodic motifs are juxtaposed nicely to create a multi-dimensional sound. The interaction between piano and guitar is intricate. Together the two instruments masterfully support the vocal melody, which continually evolves throughout the song. If you like music that is well-constructed, artistically refined, and wrapped in beauty, you will love “Intoxicated.”

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About Kralingen

Kralingen produces 'Symphonic Surf': a uniquely gripping, moody, sensual, at times epic, and above all original indie sound. Their songs are warm, mysterious, sensory experiences that draw you towards the edges of love and lovemaking, never shying away from our inner darkness and natural desires, yet always connecting deeper with the listener.

They are an Amsterdam based formation centered around singer and guitarist Rogier van Kralingen and supported by pianist and composer Victor Butzelaar, producer and drummer Arjan van Asselt and many other famous artists, including current and future collaborations with Marianna Kocsány, DMA’s, Janice Wong, Sticky Fingers, Bootleg Rascal and Djilani.


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