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Lakotah - 'Hold Me Near'

Written by Matt Wong & Staff

“Hold Me Near” is a song by alternative/electronic rock artist Lakotah. The song begins with Lakotah’s amazing vocals which are rich and dynamic. A piano like patch with delay on the accompanies her.

With each phrase, more elements are added to build the exciting arrangement. With the chorus, the beat and bass enter creating a nice tight groove. The intensity of the arrangement and effective subtractive orchestration keeps the song engaging from start to finish. With many syncopated parts, a cool high hat like figure playing straight 16th's effectively glues the arrangement together.

The lyrics in “Hold Me Near” are about a true story. Songs written from first-hand experience and from the heart have the most impact and this one is no different. Right off the top, Lakotah sings about how captivated she is by someone. This lyrics really stands out, and listeners are drawn in.

“If I had a word for every look, I would write the world’s greatest book.”

“Hold Me Near” by Lakotah is a meaningful and moving song. The electronic elements that form the arrangement are used tastefully, and the lyrics are well written, and intelligent."Hold me Near" highlights not only Lakotah’s powerful voice, but also her innate talent for crafting unique and engaging songs that have multiple layers of music and meaning for the discerning ear.

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About Lakotah

Lakotah is a Billboard Charting recording artist based in Los Angeles California whose Alternative Electronic Rock is taking the world by storm. Lakotah's latest explosive single, Pesticide, is a powerful track produced by Sejo Navajas with intense,high energy. Her last single "Hold Me Near" hit the Billboard 200 chart last year and US-Top-40/AC radio promoted by Howard Rosen Promotions.

Lakotah's politically charged single "Soldier's Song (4th Street Version)" produced by Sejo Navajas was released in the spring of 2016 to International Radio and is featured on the Refugee Album Relief/Project and On Peace Street compilation. Her Electro/ Alt- Rock single "Heaven's Own" (released in fall of 2015) has been embraced by radio programmers throughout the world and is playing on radio, across the globe.

Lakotah's EDM/Dance single "I Feel Your Body" (co-produced by Mickey Oliver/remixed by DJ Kool-A-Shay), reached #7 on the DJ Charts. This EDM/Pop song is still currently playing in clubs.

Lakotah first Charted Billboard single "Falling" is also featured in the PBS Special “Baila” which airs nationally in the US. Lakotah's full length album The Maker and her new singles are available on all digital outlets, including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and on her website.


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