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Lakotah - 'Pesticide'

Music Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Pesticide” is a song by alternative, electronic rock star Lakotah. The song starts off with a rocking groove with doubled electric guitars, bass, and drums. After a four bar intro, Lakotah’s powerful vocals enter on the first verse, supported by bass and drums.

Electronic textures are then introduced later in the verse, creating an engaging hybrid arrangement. The doubled guitars return in the pre-chorus, which also features a new drum groove that adds tension to the arrangement. Lakotah's arrangement is intense and exciting.

The chorus does a great job pulling the listener in and is full of energy. The vocals are very well produced and the background vocals are effectively arranged. The second verse introduces new melodic content, split between oscillating electronic elements, and guitar fills that complement the melody. After a brief instrumental break, the song drives home with one final hard hitting chorus.

The lyrics behind “Pesticide” are inspired by love and hate. In the first verse, Lakotah sings about how “your mind and soul somehow I knew, that you were my love from ancient times.” The theme, initially, is one of fate and destiny. In the chorus however, she sings about how “you threw the rock in my face, now I’m a pesticide.” What started out as a magnetic pull towards something familiar wound up toxic. To further complicate this constant push-pull of love and hate, Lakotah sings in the pre-choruses that “I adored you, and I still do.” In the end, the love that was always there, remains.

“Pesticide” by Lakotah is a well written and produced song full of raw emotion and energy. Lakotah’s vocal ability has the potential to define the sound of contemporary rock singing, and her fantastic songwriting serves has a mighty vehicle to deliver this sound. Props to producer Sejo Nevaras on a quality production.

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About Lakotah

Lakotah is a Billboard Charting Recording Artist based in Los Angeles California, whose alternative-electronic rock is taking the world by storm. As a prolific songwriter, her extensive song catalog includes over 250 compositions. Her songs have been used in motion pictures, television and video games.

Lakotah plays the bass, guitar, drums, piano and the trumpet. Her shows are described as dynamic, emotional and affecting. Lakotah's success stems from her vocal talent. Her vocals mesmerize with a rich tone, a powerful range, and intensely expressive and passionate performances.

Lakotah first gained notable recognition with her first solo CD entitled Shape Shifter. She then caught the eye of Deluxe Records and went on to form and front the bands Soul De Sire, Love 11, and The Deep Happy. The Deep Happy released two studio albums: Activate 11:11 and the self-titled album The Deep Happy. Lakotah's new album, The Maker was just released on BooBoo Records.  Lakotah performed all of the instruments on her new album, except for lead guitar and cello. Guest artists include Rebbeka Del Rio who accompanies Lakotah on "Nova's Song", guitarist Lizzi Ortiz, and celloist Erin Hawkins are featured throughout the album.

Her single "Hold Me Near" hit the Billboard 200 chart last year and US-Top-40/AC radio promoted by Howard Rosen Promotions.  Lakotah's politically charged single "Soldier's Song (4th Street Version)" produced by Sejo Navajas, was released in spring of 2016 to International Radio and is featured on the upcoming Refugee Album Relief/Project as well as BWH Music Group's On Peace Street.

Her Electro/ Alt- Rock single "Heaven's Own" (released in fall of 2015) has been embraced by radio programmers throughout the world and is playing on radio across the globe. Lakotah's EDM/Dance Single "I Feel Your Body" (co-produced by Mickey Oliver/remixed by DJ Kool-A-Shay), reached #7 on the DJ Charts. This EDM/Pop song is still currently being played in clubs. Her first Charted Billboard Single "Falling" is also featured in the PBS Special “Baila” which aired nationally in the US. 

Lakotah's full length album, The Maker, as well as all her singles are available on all digital outlets, including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and, and on her website.


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