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Lakotah - “Silver Eyes”

Review by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

Seven string guitar arpeggios drenched in reverb blend with the soaring vocals of singer/songwriter Lakotah to immediately set the tone for “Silver Eyes.” A surprisingly dark tinged pop song with a very eerie major tonality that is both catchy and equally haunting.

Lakota’s voice is both emotive and engaging as the listener is drawn into an atmospheric landscape painted by the aforementioned guitar lines, big 80’s style drum productions, resonant piano, and minimalistic baselines serving only to support the song. Nothing flashy here. The instrumentation is well played and to the point as it serves as a bed for Lakotah’s mournful expressions. A story of learning to live again after losing someone close being best depicted in lyrics such as:

“I’ve learned to get along…someway

I’ve learned to sing my song…someway

Crazy without you in my life

Crazy without you…”

The chorus in particular is where this song shines. Guitars with heavy effects explode while sweet vocal harmonies are brought into the fold bringing a distinct impact to the listener. The final chorus takes an interesting departure as it modulates up a whole step. The main hook “I search the sea for your, silver eyes” is an ear worm that will be sure to get stuck in your head. This modulation is definitely my favorite part of the song. It was a pleasant surprise.

Those who take the time to sit and listen will find it very difficult not to be affected by the emotional depth of “Silver Eyes.” The atmospheric nature of the music combined with the haunting vocal delivery and strong use of hooks make for a tune that won’t soon leave you even after the first listen.

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About Lakotah

Lakotah is a Billboard Charting Recording Artist based in Los Angeles California, who's Alternative Electronic Rock is taking on the world. She first gained notable recognition with the release of her first solo CD entitled Shape Shifter. She then caught the eye of Deluxe Records and went on to form and front the bands Soul De Sire, Love 11, and The Deep Happy. The Deep Happy released two studio albums: Activate 11:11 and the self-titled album The Deep Happy.

As a solo artist, Lakotah released a full length album entitled "The Maker", released by BooBoo Records. Lakotah's new single "Silver Eyes" dropped on Dec 17 this year and takes us on a haunting journey of the intensity of love and longing. Like her last single "Pesticide", producer Sejo Navajas at 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, CA, does another amazing job with the addition of the mixing and mastering artistry of Evren Goknar at Capital Music Group.

Prior to these latest tracks, the single "Hold Me Near" hit the Billboard 200 chart last year and US-Top-40/AC radio promoted by Howard Rosen Promotions. Lakotah's EDM/Dance Single "I Feel Your Body" (co-produced by Mickey Oliver/remixed by DJ Kool-A-Shay), reached #7 on the DJ Charts. This EDM/Pop song is still currently being played in clubs. Her first Charted Billboard Single "Falling" is also featured in the PBS Special “Baila” which aired nationally in the US.

Lakotah’s extensive song catalog includes over 250 compositions and has been used in motion pictures, television and video games. She is a prolific songwriter possessing skills that include: voice-over, programming/sequencing, producing, and especially performing. Lakotah plays the bass, guitar, drums, piano and the trumpet. Her shows are described as dynamic, emotional and affecting. However, considering all of her accomplishments thus far, it is Lakotah's voice that takes center stage.

Lakotah's vocals are rich, intriguing, powerful, and intensely passionate. She is reminiscent of strong female icons such as, Grace Slick, PJ Harvey, and Grace Jones. Lakotah captures the contemporary accessibility and excitement of current female superstars, such as Adele, Florence Welch, Alison Goldfrapp, and Lana Del Ray. But her biggest influence is, and will always be, the iconic Kate Bush.


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