• Bryon Harris

Lavender Honey

Review by Saya Mochizuki & Staff

“Need Your Love” is a beautifully written and produced dreamy indie pop ballad. From the opening synth bell pattern to Daniel Thompson’s entrancing and melodic vocals, every aspect of the song’s arrangement feels intentional, circling back to its core message—and doesn’t easily leave your head.

The intro builds layer by layer with a bell synth and ambient pad, followed by a syncopated bass line, a classic drum beat, and some simple electric guitar embellishments. Although the base arrangement and chord progression stays consistent, more layers of electric guitar are added which contributes to the song’s intense build, next to Thompson’s voice. T

The vocal performance is a particular stand out—Thompson’s vulnerable delivery cuts through the processing with each lyric and is incredibly touching. A slight sustained delay and reverb are added too, only bringing out the performance more and complementing his upper range falsetto nicely. Blunt and evoking a feeling of longing, Thompson’s lyrics such as “Love seems so far from me, but I hope he calls me his friend" andYou love to keep me bound, stole from me the freedom I found” are some lines that cut deep.

The honesty and creativity put into “Need Your Love” make for an infectious and heartfelt indie pop song with very skillful songwriting. Lavender Honey’s promising hard work and talent will surely lead to some exciting projects in the future.


About Lavender Honey Indie pop with 60s -arly 80s influence. Founded in 2021, Lavender Honey is the brainwork of Daniel Thompson. New Nashvillian. Former Marylander. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist with his music showcasing his piano, guitar, bass, vocal, and production ability. Lavender Honey will be releasing at least one new song a month in 2022.Make sure to keep up with his work on and connect on these platforms: Soundcloud Spotify TikTok Instagram



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