• Bryon Harris

LC Lonely Child Feat. Breana Marin- 'Shadows'

Commencing with the sound of rain falling and a distant thunder, jazzy chords and chimes lay down the sensational new track by Chris Mardini Feat. Breana Marin. A crisp drum-roll and a "Let's go" get things going strong with an infectious groove that catches you from the start.

The song opens with a hook written by the one-and-only Breana Marin. If you don't know who Breana is yet - you will. She's hip-hops new hook-writing superstar. Breana's hook combined with LC's self-assured rap is a hit. Breana's vocals start with an ever-smooth tone that draws you in.

"Whose that moving in the shadows, shadows? Going everywhere that I go. Knowing all the things that I know. I'll won't ever make it easy for you."

LC has chosen the perfect hook to compliment his song about all the outsiders trying to get in, wanna-be's trying to steal your thunder, and all the downers trying to take your high. They lurk in the shadows waiting for a "slip up, hoping they get a come up" and LC has no time for it. LC has calculated his moves. He's driven. And he's not making it easy for anyone to surpass his determination, style and talent.

"Strong game, Lonely child wont' change....I gotta long game." - LC Lonely Child

With songs like "Shadows Feat Breana Marin," LC is coming into the limelight. It takes a strong hook and a rapper that knows what to do with it to get out of the shadows and that's exactly what LC has done.

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