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Leo Ganza - "Pandemic"

Review by Brandon Watts

Leo Ganza’s “Pandemic” is hip-hop, love ballad that sheds light on all of the events that occurred over the pandemic. As the record opens, a melodic piano motif gradually fades in as Ganza throws out adlibs to hype up the track as the instrumentals build. From the piano to the bass, to the elegant sound of the string section, each instrument is given expressive an accent that allows them a moment to shine on the record. “Pandemic” has a strong, loud master that makes the presentation of the song feel direct and personal. The bass bumps hard with a pleasant sizzling, saturation that has become a staple of modern hip-hop.

Although the instrumental section is enticing and forward, Ganza stays in the listener's focus with strong, clear vocals that cut through the mix.

“We fell in love through a pandemic/

I’m talking real love organic/

The type of love that make your heart panic/

Falling in love through a pandemic”

Ganza is pouring his emotion into the track. You can feel it in every bar. Throughout the verses, he gives anecdotes of the strenuous times, protests, riots, police brutality, and isolation experienced throughout the pandemic and conveys how these experiences made his love and relationship stronger.

Leo Ganza’s “Pandemic” is timely and relatable, making this a great track to add to your summer playlist as you reminisce on everything we have gone through over this past year. Ganza has a style and flow that will stick with you, making you want to listen to his tracks time and time again. Make sure to stream “Pandemic” and check out more of his songs.

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