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Les Fradkin - 'System Crash;

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“System Crash” is a warm and psychedelic song that feels simultaneously modern, futuristic and timeless. Listener’s will appreciate fresh timbres and unique rhythmic expressions. This song is dense and overlapping, and it layers musical themes almost as movements. The guitar performance is glistening and spotless, featured in several sections of the piece. Drum programming is inspired and creative, setting the song into its own space. Vocal melodic arrangement is brilliant, reminiscent of classic David Bowie.

Lyrically, “System Crash” covers big subject matter. Themes of social contracts are explored and examined. The protagonist takes the stance of wisdom “Sometimes/Back then” and implores the future generation to rewrite the contract: “Someday if its not too late, gotta find a way to a system update.” Lyrics combine with the “orchestral rock” feeling of the music to create a sense of urgency and possibility.

“System Crash” exemplifies an artistic voice that is measured and persistent. The utilization of classic arrangement techniques combined with playful experimentations results in a captivating “sum of all parts” experience. Instrumental prowess combines with dedicated writing and arranging to create a winning sound. This is a definitely a song that demands to be listened to again and again. Listeners will continuously be discovering new elements of “System Crash,” and will be continuously delighted.


Les Fradkin

LesFradkin is a Producer and Composer virtuoso Guitarist and an innovator on the Starr Labs Ztar. He employs futuristic playing techniques realizing Progressive Neo-Classical Rock from the Pioneer of MIDI Guitar.

Les captured headlines as the Original Cast George Harrison in the mega-hit Broadway show "Beatlemania" in the 1970s and has played with The Ventures, enjoyed 16 #1 hits at mp3, Composed #1 hits for French Songstress Mireille Mathieu and Latin Pop icon Roberto Jordan, and won several awards from Akademia as well as several other Indie Music Channel Awards, including 2016 Best Instrumental Recording.

He is also a member of the Television Producers Music Production Hall Of Fame as a Composer and has also been named one of the Top 20 Guitar Synthesizer players of all time by Wikipedia.


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