• Bryon Harris


Review by Daniel Deprè

“Shiner” is a unique hip hop offering with a fast beat and memorable instrumental track. Starting with the gentle acoustic guitar, the listener may be delightfully disarmed when LETHVL OPTIKS wavering vocals come in with a heavy hip-hop beat. While the backing track stays constant, “Shiner” knows all the right moments to remove the low end only to bring it right back. LETHVL OPTIKS lyrics and vocals will keep you up high from start to finish.

Lyrically LETHVL OPTIKS aims to impress and succeeds with incredible flow and rhymes. Like most hip-hop tracks, he is rapping about his success, women, and how amazing all of these aspects feel.

“Got new money comin in perfect timing, I might just go change up the climate, and shawty she just wants some Prada, she lookin good in some Dolce Gabbana.”

Many of the lyrics are catchy and instantly stick in your brain.

“Money be dancing I’m doin my jiggy.”

The arrangement provides such an interesting soundscape. The hip-hop style percussion mixes so well with the sweet and serene acoustic guitar riff. The percussion hits all the expected marks, complete with a fast trap style hi-hat and a kick that is so round and bold that you can feel it in your chest. “Shiner” maintains its chill energy by having a soft clap sound in place of a heavy snare hit. LETHVL OPTIKS vocals are confident and bright, they flicker and glide with the auto-tune effect that is very popular in hip-hop. “Shiner” is a strong and bold hip-hop track that is sure to catch you off guard and then transport you to a world of good vibes.



LETHVL OPTIKS a rapper straight from the heart of Colorado springs has broken in the music scene with his debut song Big Steppa. Born Keoni Coleman, he loved listening to music as a kid especially rap music. He would often wander around the house rapping to himself for fun or freestyle with his brothers and friends as a hobby. It wasn't until his junior year in high school that he fell in love with rap and took doing music seriously. In March 2021, he started posting music consistently releasing his two hit singles "Scars" and "Status." 2020 was only a snippet of what he can do, what the next few years will hold for him, we can only wait and see.


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