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Linda Sussman- 'Let's Just Boogie'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Let’s Just Boogie” is danceable, feel-good music with a timeless sound. Eclectic and bold, this song builds upon familiar traditions while paving its own path. Lovely vocal harmonies, fiddle melodies, acoustic finger-picking and snare brushes meld together resulting in a warm and uplifting sound. Sussman’s vocals are ethereal, blending nicely with the instruments and drawing listeners into the music. Instrumental performances are mature and devoted, giving the well written song extra energy.

Lyrically, “Let’s Just Boogie” is a welcomed call to relax and enjoy life. “Let's just boogie Get your boogie woogie on.” The tone of the music matches this sentiment perfectly. “I've got cares upon my shoulders, I've got worries a mile long, But I'm gonna step aside And boogie 'til the cows come home!” Sussman delivers these lyrics with an infectious commitment. This song will simply make you want to boogie.

The overall sound of “Let’s Just Boogie” is joyous and rich. Instrumental layering gives the music depth, while the arrangement maintains a light-hearted tone. This is music that will make you smile. Inspired instrumental fills fly through the air while a dependable groove provides a comfortable rhythm. Listener’s will feel free to dance their troubles away while listening to “Let’s Just Boogie.”

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About Linda Sussman Linda Sussman is a New York-based singer-songwriter (solo/band) whose music crosses lines of alt-folk and blues and whose songs span universal themes such as love, heartache, triumphs and social justice. Linda's vocals are reminiscent of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell and are backed by her strong rhythm and fingerpicking guitar styles, with a touch of slide. Linda's music can be heard internationally on stations across the US, UK, Europe, Israel and elsewhere. Just two months after its release, Linda's newest album, THESE WALLS, ranked #1 on the Roots Music Report (RMR)'s Top 50 Alternative-Folk Album Chart (4/3/21). Her PASS IT ON DOWN album (rel. 2019) is ranked #21 on the RMR's Top 200 "Best in Contemporary Folk in 2020" chart.

Typically touring as a solo artist, Linda also performs with any combination of her stellar band, the Linda Sussman Collective (many of whom are also Linda's studio musicians, including Mike Nugent, Mark Mancini and Richie Guerrero). She has shared her music over the years at a wide range of venues, inspiring audiences to sing along on her hard-driving, relationship-rebuilding song "Layer Me Up," groove to her "Tomorrow Blues" tune, check in at a personal level on "Pass It On Down" or "These Walls," have a bit of old-time blues fun in "My Baby" or step away from the daily news in "Let’s Just Boogie." Her 2021-released album, THESE WALLS, is a compilation of 11 new originals and reflects on life from within "these walls" during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on Linda Sussman, please visit her website.


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