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Lisa Lim - 'Ebb and Flow'

Lisa Lim is nationally recognized, award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire based out of Fredericksburg, VA. Performing over 200 live shows a year, her blazing lead, slide and rhythmic guitar chops leave fans and critics breathless. In addition, Lim also freelances and has performed with many renowned artists including Gaye Adegbalola, Andra Faye, Dick Dale, Tom Principato, Linwood Taylor, Duffy Kane, Sol Roots, Mary Shaver, Devon Allman, Albert Castiglia, Larry Burnett (Firefall), Bobby Messano, Patty Reese, Popa Chubby, Little Margie Clark and Leon Russell. Lim is a respected music educator who has served as a faculty member at the National Guitar Workshop . She is also invited annually to share the stage with national artists and lead clinician performances at the NAMM trade shows. She shares her guitar knowledge in columns for Premier Guitar and Guitar Girl Magazine. Lim has been awarded the 2013/2014 WAMA Awards for Best Modern Rock Instrumentalist, Best Modern Rock Recording, and Best Modern Rock Instrumentalist. In 2015, she was Truefire's Next Top Guitar Instructor Finalist. Her latest single, "Ebb and Flow" is a great way to introduce yourself to this phenomenal artist. Lisa Lim is the definition of a fire rock singer and musician. “Ebb and Flow” comes in with a catchy, distorted guitar riff that draws you in and sets the vibe which is full of attitude, gut and grit. Soon the organ and drums jump in. Her style is influenced by 80-90's roots rock with a blues-edge. Her vocals are pristine, full of energy, and gorgeous. Lisa Lim has skill to burn.

"Ebb and Flow" is an energetic and fun song that gets you moving in the first fifteen seconds. Lisa Lim is able to hook you into a song in seconds. Once you get to the mid-section of the song, you hear her guitar solo, which is both polished and soulful. The solo cuts through the mix and makes a bold statement. The production on this song was well thought out by music producer Tom Maxwell.

Lisa delivers on her vocals; she conveys confidence and fierceness, but her edges aren't hard. Her vocals are up-front, smooth and laid back at the same time, yielding a smokey blues-rock flavor. “Ebb and Flow” is empowering and inspiring; the song encourages you to be real with yourself.The lyrics are uplifting and direct, speaking straight at you.

“Hold tight, or just let go, stand up, can’t lay low, alright, it’s up to you, c’mon, you know, it’s true.”

Lisa illuminates great musicality, like so many famous rock artists like Bon Jovi, Annie Lennox, Grace Slick, and many more. It is easy to hear how she has won so many awards as she leaves nothing to be desired in a good, traditional empowerment rock song.

"Ebb and Flow" speaks of inner strength, growth, and confidence with a message of stepping up to the plate of life and grabbing what you deserve. The tide of life may ebb and flow, but as time changes - you can stay real to yourself. There are moments in the exciting song that are uplifting and even groovy. The electric and distorted guitar, bass, drums, and vocals are locked into each other creating an amazing harmony. Lisa Lim knows how to create a music that illuminates an intense emotion with her unforgettable guitar skills, confident vocals and inspiring message.

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