• Bryon Harris

Living Waters - 'Sing to Jesus'

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Sing To Jesus” is a crowd pleasing jam that is a heck of a lot of fun. There is something very endearing about this song as it’s truly welcoming and warm. It has a classic rock vibe that calls to mind the stylings of Neil Young and The Cars. The song is well arranged, and the vocals are sure to inspire anyone to sing along. This is the kind of song you want to see performed live so you can really feel it’s positive energy and chant the chorus with the band.

Lyrically, this is a song about singing to Jesus when you are feeling the blues. The songs heartwarming nature lends itself to the lyrics which are offering Jesus’ love to lift you up out of the gutter. It’s nice how approachable the lyrics are in the way they are written. They are kind and catchy. “Sing to jesus when you’re feeling blue, he will show you just what to do, jesus knows about hurt and pain”. The Chorus than employs some really catchy Non-lexical vocables that are easy to get a hang of.

The arrangement is the traditional classic rock setup and it totally jams with confidence and pride. The piano and acoustic guitar fill in the middle nicely with some ornamentation and rhythmic accompaniment. The electric guitar gets to show off a bit with a few short solos that are busy and impressive. The guitar also gets to give some grit to the song by playing low with lots of distortion in a few of the verses. The vocals are warm and thrive in their mid-range zone, allowing anyone to sing along. The harmonies add a really nice texture as well to the vocals, especially in the chorus’ where a whole group of vocals are introduced. It really creates the sensation of togetherness. “Sing To Jesus” is a forgiving song that will bring the light of Jesus back into your life. Stream on Spotify Connect on Facebook For more information, please visit Living Waters website.


About Living Waters LivingWaters started as a house-music-ministry group at a MA based retreat center in 1976. Imitating "Lighthouse", based in Ann Arbor, MI, "LivingWaters" grew into a full production of music, dance and drama, with full lighting and sound production. Traveling in a converted school bus, LW played across the states, at locations including Yankee Stadium, the World Marriage Encounter Convention, Hartford Civic Center and more. the decades they developed a very unique Christian rock style that has been described as "uplifting" and "inspirational". There were many highlights: the song “Peter the Rock” was presented to and blessed by Pope John Paul II at the hands of Ambassador Ray Flynn. LW performed with Dana and John Michael Talbot. LW supported and performed at Covenant House in NYC. Eventually, the group became a faith family, many members marrying other members in the group and having a lot of talented kids.

Over recent years LW has achieved amazing success on the Internet. The band has been featured on Windows Media and the ReverbNation main page. After four decades of continuous existence as a band, they have achieved their long-term goal of a digital album release, “Refresh” (on ITunes, Amazon, mp3 and other sites). There is a collection of Christmas classics entitled "The Joy" that is pouring out to refresh hearts and souls. In 2015 LW released an award-winning two-song EP, "Alive Again". In 2016, a collection of recent work entitled "Still Flowing" was released. 2019 brought us the release of of our first full-length studio-produced album,"Overflow".


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