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Logan McCarthy - 'Secrets'

Music Review by Daniel Hoyt & Staff

McCarthy’s “Secrets” off his new album,There Was A Bird, is a very airy pop ballad that focuses mainly on a simple build rather than a huge production. The song is based around a haunting piano and subdued vocals. McCarthy uses a falsetto technique which is expressive and gives of the effect that he is revealing a secret. The vocals draw you inside the song. This chill approach makes the listener tune-in closer for the true meaning.

As the song progresses, "Secrets" has a harmonic build to that of a choir and towards the end the vocalist swaps octaves, showing an impressive range. This swapping of octaves takes you by surprise and is a brilliant addition. The piano backing is centered around a VI- V- IV progression, with a few changes here and there for an arrangement that is engaging. The song was written and performed by Logan McCarthy.

The lyrics of the piece tell the story of a man who has a love crush and can't keep it inside as a secret any longer. It's about being honest with yourself and realizing the true feelings you have for someone. The lyrics are honest and raw.

"You're better at keeping secrets, More than I. Tell me if it's true, you miss me, you do, And I wish you would tell me why. "

Logan McCarthy has written an intriguing song. His vocals really call for the listener to listen closely to see him. His dual-octave arrangement showcases his creative talent and ability to color outside the lines. And above all this, his honest lyrics combined with a subdued vocal approach make for a moving song that slowly reveals a sense of self-awareness that he openly shares making for an authentic performance that everyone can relate to.


About Logan McCarthy

The 2010.s saw the growing popularity behind chill-wave and other down-tempo forms of electronic music online. Logan McCarthy, a Massachusetts based recording artist and longtime YouTuber, fuses what he has learned from the lo-fi and chill-hop scenes with more conventional rock-pop song structures to find nostalgic and unique tunes.

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