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Lorna Lovell - 'Island Girl'

Lorna Lovell is a singer-songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada who has delighted audiences with her original songs at seasoned venues like the Trails Tales Tunes Festival and Writers at Woody Point. She has been a guest performer on both Village Beat and Local Sounds on Rogers Cable, and her co-write with Rachel Cousins and Virginia Fudge, “Hope to Bring”, was recorded by Rachel and subsequently placed in the Citytv series, “The Wedding Planners.” Lorna's debut 10-song contemporary, country album, Whenever I Sing, has hints of pop, rock and blues. Lorna's debut single, “Island Girl”, has received rotation on several radio stations on the island and her music was also picked up in the UK, garnering fans from as far away as France.

A fresh blast of rockin' country music created by guitar, keys, bass and drums commences the fun, upbeat song, "Island Girl", by Lorna Lovell. The guitar plays a catchy melodic riff before the soundtrack brings the dynamic level down to make room for Lorna's charismatic vocal entrance. The band is Lorna on lead and backing vocals; Clint Curtis on guitars, bass, keys and backing vocals, and Steve Clarke on drums.

Lorna's vocal performance takes center stage as she enters singing, "She can put you in your place with just a look. When you think you know all the words, she wrote the book." Lorna's vocals are both sweet and confident as she sings about an Island Girl who has beauty and brains. As the song moves forward, each verse gives the listener a look into the magical world of an Island girl. With salt in her veins, this is a woman who makes an impression with her charm, wits, and strength.

As the song moves forward, the band remains tight. A tasteful guitar solo adds engaging material and the chorus is very well-conceived with delightful content both musically and lyrically.

"Beauty & brains, tough as nails She's a powerful combination A tight grip on the reins, salt in her veins From the East coast of the nation You can travel the globe, but everyone knows There's no one in the whole wide world Like an Island girl."

With it's upbeat tempo, sassy lyrics, and catchy melodies, "Island Girl" paints a colorful picture of a woman who can catch a fish in rubber boots and serve it for dinner in a little black dress. This salt-water slice of life song will lift your spirits, put a smile on your face, and have you ready for an Island vacation or a new adventure. With a free-spirited and fun singing style, Lorna Lovel is lot like this Island Girl - Sassy, fun, warm, captivating and delightful.

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