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Lorna Lovell - 'Running With the Big Boys Now'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Lorna Lovell is a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland’s West coast. A true island girl, she was born and raised in a tiny fishing community on the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. Inspired by her music-filled upbringing and songwriter father, Gordon Lovell, whose genres were gospel and folk, Lorna's love of singing and creative writing organically transitioned into songwriting in 2007. Her sound has been described as modern country with hints of pop, rock and blues. Today, her catalog boasts over 80 songs. She showcases her original work at festivals, pubs, theaters, church, radio and television, she has even performed in a wigwam! She has also been featured on 3 episodes of Village Beat on Rogers Cable.

Lorna's debut modern country album, Whenever I Sing (February 2020), features 10 original songs that are meant to uplift, inspire and entertain. Her song "Running With the Big Boys Now" is a great way to get acquainted with her catchy, charming sound.

The arrangement to Lorna Lovell's "Running with the Big Boys Now" kicks the song off with a stellar sound featuring pristine production for a commercial, radio-ready mix. 'Running With the Big Boys Now' leans towards contemporary country with up-beat, rhythmic strumming on guitar accompanying a crunchy, distorted lead and tight, punchy drums to keep it all together.

The highlight of the song is the enticing country-pop vocal performance of Lorna Lovell. Lorna's vocals are crisp and forward, taking center stage. The verses showcase her vocals through dynamic melodies with smooth vocal runs while the chorus presents a moment that everyone will want to sing along with through its highly memorable melody.

"But you’re running with the big boys now Stealing the show Running with the big boys now There you go, there you go."

"Running With the Big Boys" will resonate with every artist and every person who has a dream and is trying to make it. Inspired by the memory of sitting in a hotel lobby playing her songs on a guitar once owned by Ron Hynes (for his amazingly talented nephew, Joel T. Hynes), Lorna found the inspiration for this song. The song explores perseverance and the exuberant feeling of artistic accomplishment. "Light a flame, make a vow. Cause you’re running with the big boys now."

As the song progresses, faint layers of harmony add depth and color without taking away from the lead. Fueled by energetic guitar solos and stellar pop vocals, "Running with the Big Boys Now" is an uplifting and memorable addition to Lorna's repertoire. Lorna wrote the lyrics and melody. The song was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Clint Curtis at Sevenview Studios. Joining Lorna's lead and background vocals are Clint Curtis on guitars, bass, keyboards, and background vocals, and Steve Clarke on drums.

In "Running With the Big Boys Now' Lorna can take a well deserved bow. With an extensive catalog to her name and catchy songs that sound polished and ready for the big league, Lorna is an artist who will surely have many more "Big Boy" moments.

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