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Maggie Amini - Ten Thousand Charms (Come Ye Sinners)

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

An inviting, warm and reverberant sound commences Maggie Amini's "Ten Thousand Charms (Come Ye Sinners)." Opening the door, light acoustic guitar strums gently while a contemplative piano plays lovely melodic motifs.

An ethereal ambience fills in the open spaces leaving room for the song to breathe. The sound, conceived by renowned Grammy artist and Producer Billy Smiley, is soul-stirring and heart-touching.

Maggie Amini enters on the first verse singing, "Come ye sinners, poor and needy. Weak and wounded, sick and sore. Jesus ready stands to save you. Full of pity, love, and power." Amini's angelic voice has a tinge of Texas country that will appeal to a mass audience. Throughout the song, well-conceived harmonies add beautiful color with a wonderful sense of phrasing.

This song was written over two hundred years ago and remains popular today. Amini's performance of this beloved hymn is magnificent as she captures the true essence of an invitation. This is no ordinary invitation; it is an invitation to be restored in Jesus. The invitation is open to all - those who are poor, needy, sick, weary, and heavy-burdened. Amini sings each word from her heart; her genuine emotion is deeply felt by the listener. With a reverent vocal style, Amini never pushes vocally. Instead, she allows the poignant lyrics to unfold naturally and speak to each individual heart.

"I will arise and go to Jesus

He will embrace me in His arms

In the arms of my dear Savior

Oh, there are ten thousand charms."

In "Ten Thousand Charms (Come Ye Sinners), Maggie Amini has taken a two hundred year old hymn and placed into into the heart of our times. Now, more than ever, this song will resonate with the weary who are looking for restoration and refuge. Through artistic musicianship, pristine production, and down-to-earth vocals, "Ten Thousand Charms (Come Ye Sinners)" is a warm invitation to seek out Jesus.

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About Maggie Amini Maggie Amini is a special artist who has a true missionary and servant heart. She worked for four years in the Dominican Republic with young girls. She has led women conferences, and she works with Texas youth. She sings over a hundred times a year in Churches around the Texas region.

With renowned producer Billy Smiley, some of the finest musicians in Nashville are working with Amini on her upcoming releases including Brennan Smiley of “The Technicolors”, ‘The Brilliance’ keyboard player John Ardnt on piano, along with Steve Brewster, Jonathan Crone, Blair Masters, Callan Brown, Matt Pearson and Michael W Smith.


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