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Main Focus - 'Non Mollare'

Joshu Ewes, aka Main Focus, is a talented multilingual rapper based out of Italy. Originally from Nigeria, Focus blends the many different influences of his background to craft his unique, inspirational sound. Adding a hint of gospel to his trap art, Focus aims to inspire others and strengthen faith in his listeners. His song “Non Mollare” is a testament to how great Focus is at blending these elements and moving the hearts and souls of his listeners who have even written him letters speaking about the transformational power of his music.

The song kicks off with layers of staccato strings that immediately entice listeners with a catchy melodic line and flourishes of harmony. Not before long, the sub-bass drops as Focus enters rapping the first chorus. Focus glides over the beat with smooth, tuned vocals as the arrangement continues to build with a whistling synth pad, steadily adding depth and keeping you entranced with how perfectly Focus rolls with the ebbs and flows of the production.

The phrase "non mollare" translates into English as "Don't Give Up" and with the elegance of the Italian language, Main Focus raps about the idea that love has no boundaries in regards to color, class, etc. “Non Mollare” was written when Focus was going through difficult times. It’s about maintaining your faith in God and having hope that God will help you through your dark times.

“Siamo tutti sotto lo stesso Cielo. Impariamo ad amarci per davero. Non importa Il colore non importa la razza..”

“Non Mollare” was written in both Italian and English showcasing Main Focus's versatility as he seamlessly switches between the two languages while maintaining the same cadence in his flow.

" Ever been in that situation u look locked up. Depression is not friendly not even a bonus, but wait. Hold up. A stitch in time saves 9 Draw ur strength from The Devine."

Main Focus is an artist to keep an ear on with bangers like “Non Molare” you won’t want to miss out on. In addition to his great flow and stellar tracks, Main Focus' music is seeped in meaning and message; his music glows with the light of faith and a driven purpose. Main Focus does in fact have a main focus and that is service to others through song.

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