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Marc Killian - "Radio Love Song"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

North Carolina-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marc Killian brings the dance party to your earholes on the genre-bending “Radio Love Song.” An amalgam of funk-infused rock with high musicianship tied together with a concise pop sensibility and impressive production quality.

Among the 70’s inspired organs, funky guitars soaked in wah effects, and a slamming rhythm section, “Radio Love Song” brings these elements together to create a refreshing sound that is genre-bending and undeniably danceable. Basically, it’s the soundtrack to the buzz and nerves that come with the experience of meeting someone new and finding a connection.

I’ve got to say, first and foremost, every instrument on this track is well recorded and mixed. The sound of the drums is big and punchy, with a beautiful snare cutting nicely through the dense jungle of piano, bass, and the aforementioned guitar. The kick has a super warm thud that hits you right in the chest and commands you to move. As busy as that may sound, things never get chaotic, sonically speaking. Everything is very well balanced in the mix, and the vocals play pretty nicely with the instrumentation as they are dialed back slightly compared to the song’s other elements. As if to give proper room for the rest of the band to play around in. Killian’s delivery is passionate and not without a healthy dose of swagger as he narrates his tale of summer love best encapsulated in lyrics like…

“Take a trip and listen to the music. Just you and me with our castles made of sand. Ramble on through the summer and the city. The MC5 is playing ‘Kick Out The Jams’”

Despite the fact that I consider this a pop-based tune, there are lots of little cool musical interludes and transitions throughout, from the cool funk-flavored rock breakdowns after the chorus to the ripping trade-off between guitar and organ during the solo section.

If you’re shopping for danceable rock with a little extra musical spice with strong hooks, killer grooves, and high production value, “Radio Love Song” is probably up your alley.


About Marc Killian

Multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre recording artist and producer from North Carolina, Marc Killian started out as a drummer playing Wipeout on stage at 3 or 4 yrs old and stayed with drums all his life. At 17 Killian discovered a passion for the guitar, singing, and rock-n-roll. Killian is a member of BMI, and ISSA, and a proud endorser of Soultone Cymbals.

“My style has evolved to what I just call rock-n-roll with a twist. Everything I do has some roots or rock vibe in it, even when I add elements like country, blues, Latin, Asian, African, rap, reggae, or what have you. I like all music so I started taking the kitchen sink approach and throwing anything into a song that I like or feel works.”

Killian has played all over the states in the 90s and 2000s with various groups and acts. Opening up or sharing stages with artists like Foreigner, Crissy Steele, Loudness, Kid Rock, and others.

Find more at www.marckillian.com


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