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Maria and the Coins – ‘Hallelujah’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

A cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic, “Hallelujah,” as interpreted by Maria and the Coins begins with a rich and flowing piano intro by Zaq Baker, which is joined by Maria Coyne’s vocals on the first verse. Performed as a piano-vocal duet, this cover of “Hallelujah” relies on nothing but impeccable technique and exemplary dynamics to draw out emotion from listeners as Coyne and Baker move through the song form. Coyne’s command and control of her vocals, supported by Baker’s effectively arranged piano part give listeners the impression of a larger than life performance that retains a hint of intimacy and connection to the listener.

As a baseline for secular hymns, the lyrics in “Hallelujah” contain several references to the bible. These references include stories of Samson and Delilah, King David, and Bathsheba. The lyrics also demonstrate Cohen’s belief that many different hallelujahs can exist, which allow performers to evoke a variety of emotions, not just those of Cohen’s.

“Hallelujah,” as covered by Maria and the Coins is a magical interpretation of this well known classic that is grand, yet also brings a sense of calm to listeners. The band respects the intentions of Cohen, while bringing a fresh perspective to the song, and giving it new life. This song is without question, a difficult piece of music to perform, and Coyne and Baker execute it with distinction. For a song that is covered frequently, this cover stands out from the pack, and is an excellent demonstrate of the band’s talent and ability.

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About Maria & The Coins

Maria and the Coins bundle big-picture pop ambition into earnest, indie sensibility. The five-some distinguished themselves in the Minneapolis alt-rock scene by fusing singer-songwriter driven pop hooks with the vulnerability and honesty of an indie band. Frontwoman Maria Coyne's powerhouse vocals are matched with emotive storytelling often focused on moving forward, choosing to find the light amidst the darkness, and learning to be present in each moment.

While the writing features nods to Coyne’s pop, country and musical theatre roots, the music finds its sweet spot behind alternative rock-influenced arrangements. The band has opened for local and touring artists such as Betty Who, Jeremy Messersmith, Delacey, and Reina del Cid. The band’s debut full-length album Forward was released on March 5th, 2020 and is available now for streaming and download. For more info, visit Maria and the Coin's website.


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