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Maria Pellicano - "Forever and Ever"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Forever and Ever” opens with a lush current of strings, floating over the top of the mix and introducing listeners to the delicate beauty of the song. A flowing piano motif begins, rolling cyclically through the emotive chord progression. The full-bodied depth of the piano lulls steadily at the center of the layers of strings, which fill every corner of the mix with a range of harmonies. These instruments intertwine seamlessly, perfectly complementing one another, but mindfully leaving space for their counterpart to shift and grow.

Each section utilizes these instrumental components differently, illustrating the arc of the song. The verses forgo the vivid strings, drifting into a contemplative piano progression that gently supports Pellicano’s voice. The strings are then added in carefully, sometimes deepening the low end for color, or floating over the top for subtle touches of variation. This mindful arrangement supports the narrative lyricism of the verse, each new element contributing to the story that Maria unravels:

“Living in the darkest time

Hiding from self inside

Afraid that I will find

Something that I can not solve…”

Maria Pellicano’s voice is delicate, yet strengthened by her authentic tone. She sings as if she were telling a story to a dear friend, each word laced with sincerity. Similar to the range of her instrumental arrangement, Pellicano’s vocal delivery shifts to match the emotion of her lyrics. The verse has a strength to it, remaining balanced and intentional despite the hardships detailed in the story. You can almost hear Pellicano recalling these memories as she sings of them. With a newfound brightness, the chorus is like a breath of fresh air. Pellicano leans into the soaring notes, painting a picturesque scene of hope and relief. Her authentic embrace of the emotional scope within “Forever and Ever” adds a warm element of relatability to the song.

“Open eyes,

watch the world explode

With colours of hope, a new vision holds

All that I dreamt of, wished for and secretly have known…”

“Forever and Ever” is a vibrant message of hope, lighting the way for faith and human growth in a world so saturated with hardship. Maria Pellicano sings with such admirable genuineness, illustrating the song’s story with heartfelt grace.

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About Maria Pellicano

Music and songwriting have not only allowed Maria to express her own soulful song, but have been a gift that has touched and inspired so many people throughout every stage of her life. In her early years, she led worship within the church, she performed shows at venues all around Melbourne, Australia.

Over the last 16 years, Maria has worked with many singers and artists through her singing school, SingOut, having been a singing teacher for over 30 years in total and having led over 5000 people to grow their own artistry.. Her passion for helping individuals find their voice has extended to coaching and developing speakers, leaders and influencers and writing a book to reach many more people.




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