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Marina Mattis - 'Love Bug'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Marina Matiss is a multilingual singer and songwriter who writes in English and Spanish. Starting the piano at the age of 5, Marina always knew she wanted to be a singer. During her college years, she studied linguistics and received a MBA degree, but it wasn't what she really wanted. Marina put up with her office job, but kept writing songs. Then one day she went to the cinema and watched "Bohemian Rhapsody", and that was the turning point. She bought a piano, started recording songs, sought our producers and collaborators, and the rest is history. Within a very short time, Matiss has already worked on her tracks with David Palau (Bon Jovi, Toto, Alejandro Sanz) and Arthur Pingrey (Sting, Sia). Her latest single, "Lovebugs"

Reverberant finger-style guitar with a nice latin style groove opens the door of the magical song, "Lovebugs", by Marina Matiss. As the syncopated guitar motif progresses, it is soon join by chords on the piano, and a snapping beat on 2 and 4. Marina enters singing,"You’re next to me and wintry little lane, at once turns into heaven. You’re calling out my name and fly away like a raven." Marina's vocals are clear, smooth, and enchanting. The poetic lyrics create a dreamy feel.

The song drives forward with the addition of snazzy percussion set to a lush electronic landscape, returning to the guitar motif during the verses. The melody during the chorus smooths out with a flowing melody. Gorgeous background vocals yield the emotional longing of a young love that has slipped away too soon.

"But you’re away when lovebugs are in the air You will never come. I wanted you to stay Begging every time. Ringing the alarm I wanted only you. Walking arm in arm, didn’t mean it was true."

"Lovebugs" is about two people with no strings attached. With a summer love vibe, Marina sings about freedom, but this freedom comes with the price of missing someone after they are gone. Musically, the song contains many emotions and experiences: freedom, love, longing, and desire.

"Lovebugs" by Marina Matiss showcases the singer-songwriter's creative spirit and style. The track, with it's syncopated guitar, relaxed groove, gorgeous harmonies, and lush musical landscape, leaves a lasting impression while Marina's performance shimmers like a lovebug on a hot summer night.

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