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Marla Mase - "Superhero"

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Superhero” is an emotional and sensitive song with an endearing quality. The driving rhythm and rich chord progression provide a beautiful ambiance over which the engaging lyrics can tell their story. A fantastic vocal performance and high production values make this music shine. Instrumental prowess is on full display from rhythm section instruments and lead guitar. The overall sound of the music is whimsical and contemplative.

Lyrically, “Superhero” pays homage to the heroism of the essential workers and all who lent a helping hand during the pandemic.

“I wish I was a superhero, Ready to be the first one to answer the call, But I ain’t no Warrior Princess, Aint no Joan of Arc, Not at all.”

Candid and confessional, these lyrics admit limitations while shining a brighter light on those that demonstrate excessive compassion.

"I’m just a simple woman and I do my part, a living breathin’ oxymoron with a bleedin' heart."

These poetic lyrics are even more moving when paired with Mase’s sensitive vocal performance.

The ornate arrangement of “Superhero” evolves nicely throughout the song. Percussion and backup vocals add depth to the music, which is injected the music with emotion. A courageous and interesting bridge betrays songwriting brilliance. Swirling sounds add just enough conflict in the soundscape to provide a beautiful payoff during the last chorus. Overall, this is a hypnotic and rewarding piece of music…a great song.


About Marla Mase

If there’s a qualification to be a modern day renaissance woman, Brooklyn’s MarlaMase checks all the boxes – writer, actor, musician, raconteur and above all, a magnetic performer.

A long time beacon of artistic innovation on the New York music and theatre scenes MarlaMase’s vision is informed and illuminated by her gritty poetic activism. She has performed to rapturous audiences from the Bowery to Beijing and has had her plays/rock operas performed at the legendary La Mama Eperimental Theatre Club, NYC Summerstage, SXSW to name a few. Along with triumphant tours in China, Europe and the United States, Marla received a ‘Messenger of Peace’ Award from the Friends of the UN for her visionary work as a songwriter and performer.

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