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Marsha Bartenetti - 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is already a beautiful and relaxing song, but Marsha Bartenetti manages to take this song to a whole other level. She gives this classic song a jazzy iteration that is sung as a piano ballad. The intimate arrangement makes this a beautiful rendition, and it feels as if it’s floating up on a cloud.

Piano is the main focus of this cover providing majority of the support for the vocals. The piano more than aptly sets the mood with some beautifully voiced chords while adding in some tasteful flourishes in between chords. On top of the piano is an acoustic guitar arpeggiating the chords. The guitar is aptly mixed into the top right of the stereo field, placing it just behind the vocals, adding a sense of motion and fluidity to the arrangement. The bridge features a very jazzy solo that has such a clean tone to it and it’s so warm. The guitarist is able to showcase technical ability while also being very lyrical and melodic.

The lyrics aren’t altered for this cover, yet they take on a new form with Marsha Bartenetti’s soulful and soaring vocals. She often slightly adjusts the melody to send some phrases up into the sky. This beautifully reflects what this song is truly about, which is dreaming of a beautiful world. This dream imagines a world “where troubles melt like lemon drops” and creates an infectious sense of hope for the listener. Marsha Bartenetti’s cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is a beautiful reminder of a wonderful song, but also a reminder to never give up on what you dream for most.

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About Marsha Bartenetti

Award-winning vocalist, Marsha Bartenetti is a Smooth Jazz, Great American Songbook & Contemporary Adult Singer, who will cross any genre for a good lyric. Her style ranges from Billie Holiday, to Bonnie Raitt, all sung with authenticity and rich, evocative tones. After having left the music business for many years, Marsha enjoyed a highly successful career as a Voice-Over/On-Camera artist with National credits. She still maintains a successful Voice-0ver career and records Audio Description for Feature Films and Television Programs/Series. Since returning to the stage in 2014 she has released 4 studio albums. The first, “It’s Time”, “Christmas In The Spirit”, a Holiday album of Christmas classics with a bonus track of a new original Christmas song, “Almost Christmas Eve” by renowned songwriter Kenny Hirsch, (Rosie Casey, Steve Ross), “Marsha Bartenetti…feels like Love”, and most recently, “I Believe In Love” released November 2019. All of Marsha’s music can be found on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube and can be heard on Spotify.


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