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Marsha Bartenetti - "Throw It Away

Updated: Aug 1

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Throw it Away” is a compelling and intriguing piece of music written by Abby Lincoln and performed by Marsha Bartenetti. Bartenetti’s vocal performance is beautifully delivered. Listeners will fall in love with this layered and complex song. The quality of the sound recording and the caliber of the instrumental players set a bedrock that exposes dynamic vocal expressions and a marvelously written piece. The overall vibe of this music is delicate yet powerful, leaving listeners in suspense about what will come next.

Lyrically, “Throw it Away” is contemplative and uplifting. Wisdom and experience are on display in these lyrics, which are poetic and inspirational. And the hands unclenched and open, Gifts of love and life it brings, So keep your hands wide open if you’re needing anything.” Bartenetti’s delivery injects these lyrics with a believable passion, elevating the song with her easy-going yet powerful style. “Throw it away, throw it away, give your love, live your life, each and every day.”

The arrangement of “Throw it Away” showcases true mastery and dedication to the craft. The slick rhythm section expertly supports a rich piano performance while a tasteful pedal steel player adds a wonderfully haunting texture to the music. The song seems to trickle like a stream of water from one section to the next. Harmonically complex and melodically nuanced, this music is undeniable. An excellent vocal performance does justice to a beautiful song…“Throw it Away” is a powerful work of art.


About Marsha Bartenetti

Award-winning vocalist Marsha Bartenetti is a Smooth Jazz, Great American Songbook & Contemporary Adult Singer who will cross any genre for a good lyric. Her style ranges from Billie Holiday to Bonnie Raitt, sung with authenticity and rich, evocative tones. After leaving the music business for many years, Marsha enjoyed a highly successful career as a Voice-Over/On-Camera artist with National credits. She still maintains a successful Voice-0ver career and records Audio Description for Feature Films and Television Programs/Series. Marsha’s return to music with passion and determination is winning audiences over, filling some of the finest music venues, like Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Club in Los Angeles and Feinstein’s at the Nikko in San Francisco, with her live shows. Since returning to the stage in 2015, she has released five studio albums. She has also recorded videos of 2 of her singles that can be found on YouTube. . All of Marsha’s music can be seen on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube and heard on Spotify.

Website: www.MarshaBartenetti.com


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