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Marty Ray Project - 'Haunted'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

The W.A M. Awards celebrate the year’s most outstanding independent artists from around the world in multiple genres and categories. "Best Song" and "Best Album" nominations were based on Artistry, Musicianship, Originality, Professionalism, Diversity, and Excellence. W.A.M. stands for "We Are the Music Makers.' Marty Ray Project's "Haunted" was the 2020 W.A.M. Award Winner for Best Song in the Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative music category.

“Haunted” has plenty of Rock and plenty of Soul. Screaming guitars and war-like drums blend together with classic organ sounds and a passionate, expressive vocal performance to create a big sound that works on many levels. Additionally, an intricate arrangement keeps the song’s momentum constant by utilizing subtle layers and textures. Through high production values, this song maintains a “raw” feel.

Lyrically, “Haunted” feels at times almost like a protest song “We shall not be, we shall not be moved.” But it also moves into more metaphorical and philosophical territory “Hear the sounds of freedom, fade into oblivion, open your eyes wake up, your body’s cold.” Ray’s emotional delivery of these lines inject the message with a power and enlists the listener as an ally.

“Haunted” has a marching, determined feel to it. A killer rhythm section is the perfect foundation for Ray’s “tear the walls down” vocal take. The huge chorus, a catchy vocal/guitar melody, and powerful “break down” bridge elevate “Haunted” to the next level. Anthemic and driving, this song is a winner.

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About Marty Ray Project MartyRayProject is an artist that refuses to be put in a creative box. He sings and writes songs from the heart, wether it’s rock, blues, country, or gospel.

He has amassed a fan base of over a million fans and over 200 plus million views online while staying completely independent. He has had his original songs in TV and film as well as acting in TV and film himself.


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