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Matt Michaelis - 'Your True Side Feat. Scott Foster Harris'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Matt Michaelis is an independent songwriter and producer based in Sacramento, CA with an inspiring story. His career could have ended with a vocal injury, but instead it expanded into new territory. Michaelis grew up playing the piano which set the foundation for his lifelong love of music and songwriting. In 2009 while studying voice, he severely injured his vocal chords. After almost giving up on music completely, Michaelis decided to learn the guitar and music production. His second album, Intergalactic (released January 2020) is the result of this transition. Due to his injured vocal chords, his newfound collaborations with multiple singers gives each song a unique sound. Off Intergalactic, "Your True Side Feat. Scott Foster Harris" is sure to captivate you.

Written and produced by Michaelis,"Your True Side" is out the gate with a blast of solo crunchy guitar riffs followed by a full band sound that establishes a strong rock grind over four bars. The catchy rock groove is instantly head-banging. Singer, Scott Foster Harris, enters with a voice built for rock and roll. "Somethin’ don’t smell right and it’s playin’ with my head / She’s all alone, and you’re out wanderin'." Scott's voice fits perfectly above the mix with a clear and articulate tone that exudes front-man polish and confidence.

As the track progresses, very tasteful guitar riffs interact with the vocal line in a call and answer fashion. Fantastic production nuance is heard throughout. Utilizing vocal sound effects to bring out certain lines, these words mesmerize: "But you keep on livin’ for yourself, with no room for nobody else." Mid-way, and at the end of the song, Michaelis' guitar prowess shines through the mix with sizzling hot solo work. In addition to the melodic nature of the song, Michaelis shows top-notch rhythmic sensibilities.

"Your True Side" displays lyrical intelligence set to a landscape of stunning songwriting, arranging and production. The story is about a self-centered man who is a cheater. While the lyrics talk about looking in the mirror and having a conscience,the battle is for a deceptive and dishonest soul who will inevitably fall. The poetic writing in the highly memorable chorus is exceptional.

"Heed the cries of yesterday, where tyrants fell and rich men lay - the greater battle lost inside / Seek for all what might have been, when beggars thrive and wise men win - the inner enemy deride / Choose your true side."

In "Your True Side Feat Scott Foster Harris," Matt Michaelis shows the full depth and scale of his creativity with a song that keeps your ears locked in from beginning to end. It's easy to hear how Michaelis has become a top contender in the independent songwriting arena. Michaelis' "true side" shines as a writer, musician, and producer.

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