• Bryon Harris

Maurice Gene - 'Golden Days'

A wide-spanning acoustic guitar with finger-picking and a background synth ambiance commence "Golden Days." "Golden Days" is the title track single off Maurice Gene's latest album.

After the beautiful and mesmerizing introduction, Maurice enters singing the first verse with a delicate touch.

"Golden days, golden days came true. Now past days, past days come true. Split life in photographs."

Maurice's voice is "golden," as sweet as honey. He sings tenderly, with great expression. His pure his tenor tone stands out in the crowed folk arena as he hits daring high notes, showcasing his amazing range.

Musically, "Golden days" is guitar centered. Gene Maurice is an accomplished finger-style guitarist in the style of James Taylor and Jim Croce and fans of guitar-centered folk, old and new, will love his songs. Applying reverb techniques, the guitar sounds like multiple instruments filling a large, acoustic hall. The sound is full and ethereal, elegant and graceful. At the end, a full band kicks in with melodic guitar solos that are tastefully done. Drums and bass area also added; perhaps this is the final wave goodbye to those golden days in the rear-view mirror.

"Golden Days" has moving lyrics about looking back on the time of life, closer to our youth, that we fondly call our "golden years" or our "wonder years." The lyrics talk about old friends, time passing by too quickly, and the concept that life is precious and needs our attention, even when looking back.

Please take a moment to view the video that gives a nod to the golden days of the 70's and 80's with a ride in a van on a dusty road with good friends, old lovers, and a bottle of wine passed around on a hot, summer day.

The song is full of substance. Along with a nostalgic feel, the moving lyrics of "Golden Days" will take you back to moments in time and moments in the heart. The final statement is that, even in looking back, life is never about "having it all" - it's about having timeless moments and in those moments, we can have it all - for awhile. Sometimes we look back with regrets. Some things change and some things never change. In "Golden Days" a song about the past, and how to process those times in the present, becomes "timeless" in the talented hands, voice and mind of Gene Maurice.

About Maurice Gene

Hailing from Catalan, Maurice Gene is a composer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. AT the core of Maurice's heartfelt music you will find great melodic guitar, expressive vocals, captivating lyrics and intricate roots arrangements. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the seventies (Jackson Browne, Eagles, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Tim Buckley, Bruce Springsteen…). Maurice composes, records, mixes and produces all his material, creating a unique and alternative Indie Folk style.

After twenty years of focusing on shared projects and collaborations, Maurice decided to start out on his own. In his own personal career, he took inspiration from twenty years of learning, training, experimenting, and collecting musical and social knowledge in order to find the lyrics and sound he wanted. 

"Golden Days" is available on all major digital outlets including cdbaby.