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Melaku - 'Paradise'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

"Paradise" by Melaku opens with electronic-pop drops of sunshine filled electic guitar musical motifs that sparkle on the track. The beat drops on the spacial time signature with a punchy syncoptation creating an uplifting vibe and a nice and easy groove. Melaku sings the first verse which paints the song's scenary, taking your to a special summer place. "I feel the ocean coming. I feel the rushing tide. I see the endless horizon. And the sun is rising in the sky." Melaku sings with a pure vocal tone and joy in his heart. His vocal performance perfectly conveys the feeling of freedom. The chorus of "Paradise" fully blooms with a stop-go build up that bursts with up-tempo percussion and clap beats set to swirling electronic ambience. The song's exuberant vibe is supported by exceptional production. An expertly written bridge section speaks of leaving the city and getting back to that perfect place, paradise. "I’m in a special place, because it is easy to think. When you’re far away from the city, yeah."

Melaku has a unique and distinctive sound that goes beyond the typical summer song themes and formats like those created by the Beach Boys or Don Henley. His vibe is more open and meditational with lyrics that are transcendental and his music has layers of intriguing production. In "Paradise" Melaku stears away from the common escape of summer love and pretty girls on the beach. "Paradise" isn't an escape, it's a place where you feel at one with yourself and nature, a place where your mind stops running and your life feels right.

"I feel at one, I know it’s right To keep on living in paradise It’s all ok, when I stop running And I get back to paradise Paradise, ohh paradise When I get to paradise."

In "Paradise" Melaku expands on the feel-good summer genre with a song that colorfully paints the spiritual feeling of being at one with who you are and where you are. The vibe soars on the wings of joy, and is guided by a song that rings true in the heart. Looking at nature for inspiration, Melaku sings, "I see winged ones flying. And their song is so true." This is a summer song for fans of uplifting, ethereal pop music who are looking for substance, both musically and lyrically. For one of the best songs of the summer, add "Paradise" by Melaku to your playlist.

About Melaku:

Melaku is a solo artist, songwriter, and record producer. He writes and records his music in his hometown recording studio, Mowbray Studio, and releases the music on his independent record label, Angellion Records. Raised in a small beach town in northern California, Melaku began writing and singing as early as 5, picked up the drums at 10, and started recording himself at 13, later moving on to recording with bands and artists in the region. 

Melaku attended Columbia University in New York City where he studied Sociology and Business Management, but continued recording songs in his dorm on campus. After interning at SONY Music, Jive Records, his original songs landed him a management deal and writing songs with producers for artists like Ke$ha, Flo Rida, B.o.B, Jacob Lattimore, Collie Buddz and various major and independent labels like Universal Motown, Atlantic Records, Tulsa Records, Easy Star Records, and G Note. 

After graduating, Melaku spent many summers in LA in writing sessions, while defining his own sound as an artist. On 11/11/2018, Melaku released his debut album "Golden Age.”  The album received positive coverage from publications like With Guitars Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, The Indie Source, and Consequence Of Sound.  Currently, Melaku's new single, "Paradise", showcases his catchy, fresh sound.

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