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Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers - 'Come On Over'

Review By Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Come on Over” opens with classic soulful blues guitar riffs. The song quickly comes to a boil and continues to simmer throughout. The rhythm section is smokey and hazy on this track, creating a sultry vibe over which D’Amour can croon. D’Amour’s vocals are confident and cool. She delivers her message with intensity and energy, but always in control. Her melodies seem to fall out of this song naturally, like rain from a storm cloud.

Lyrically, “Come On Over” is lustful and longing. Come on over, I need some relief Only your love can satisfy me.” These lyrics are delivered with passion and believability. Utilizing repetition, these expressions become like a mantra in the song. If you want to get together and sway, Come on over.” All elements combine to create a feeling like a fever dream.

“Come on Over” features some great instrumental playing. The band sounds mature and highly capable within the genre, injecting the music with real feeling. The piano solo is expressive and dynamic, a perfect match for the mood of the song. A trumpet solo cascades over the music and adds a new. A tight rhythm section contributes a bouncy and trance like feel to the music. Back-up vocals punctuate vocal hooks at highly opportune times, elevating the music still higher.

With a dynamic performance and an all around great sound, "Come On Over” will have coming over to Michelle D'Amour and the Love Dealers music over and over again.

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About Michelle D'Amour & The Love Dealers

Michele D'Amour is a born storyteller and award-winning songwriter who penned her first song at the age of six and became a published poet in her early twenties. Her band, Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers, was formed in 2011 and has released five albums.

The band earned "Best Blues Band" from LA Music Critic in January 2019 and Michele's songs have won awards from Global Music Awards and the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Two of their albums (Wiggle Room, 2018, and Heart of Memphis, 2019) have all charted at #1 on the Roots Music Report's national music charts.


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