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Mick J. Clark - “There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do”

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

Hailing from the UK, MickJ. Clark is a Grammy Nominated artist. Boasting over a million Streams, Mick's songwriting resonates worldwide. Mick is a prolific songwriter who writes from the heart. To get aquainted with his talent, liste to his song "There's Nothing Anybody Can Do."

“There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do” is the kind of song that has a slow driving force to it while also making you feel a sense of purpose. This is a song about acceptance, and finding peace with life’s biggest struggle, love. The arrangement holds a calm presence, maintaining a very chill and pensive vibe throughout. There is a wonderful sense of hope conveyed and its message and melody are very catchy.

Lyrically singer Mick J. Clark is singing from a position of heartbreak, but he is offering some positivity and reassurance. Clark wants you to endure the pains and tribulations of love because “there’s nothing anybody can do, there’s nothing anybody can say” anyways. He aptly reflects how difficult trying to heal from a heartbreak is while encouraging you to keep at it. “wipe away your tears, it won’t be long before you prince appears”. He also makes a great comparison to gambling, “but love’s a casino and the wheels always turning, so don’t leave the table though your heart is still hurting”. Love is a gamble, but when you win big it’s the best feeling in the world.

Clark’s vocals are decidedly chill and call to mind the vocal stylings of Tom Petty. He sings with such passion and subtle reflection. You can really tell that he imbued his past heartbreaks into this emotive song. The drum and bass play a simple groove, but their performance is so tight. They perfectly hold down the forward momentum for the entirety of the song. The strumming acoustic guitar gives the song a very relaxing sway to it, while the electric guitar ornaments the song with little licks and riffs that keep this song colorful and interesting. The guitar gets to solo after the first chorus, playing with a very warm and clean tone while adding in lots of emotional bends.

“There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do” is a heartwarming song that will help get you back up on your feet and resume your search for love.


About Mick J. Clark

Mick J. Clark is a singer/songwriter. who was signed to the Sonorus Record Label with ‘There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do’ The song garnished 40.000 streams. Mick has written over 60 songs, of which 40 are being played by Emerge Music in shops. He has two songs on the album, ‘Goa Chillout Zone Vol 9’ which reached No 1 in the iTunes Electronic Chart, thanks to Singer/Songwriter/ producer Oliver Sean. He has played on many Radio Stations and has put out three Albums and three E.Ps, called ’Notes 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6, Rock, Ballads, R&B, Dance, Latin and Country. Last year, Mick had half a million streams with his summer hit, ‘Anuther Sunny Hulliday’ ( complete with a ‘Parrot Dance’ :-), getting over 100,000 streams and his Christmas E.P and over 200,000 streams on three of his Christmas songs.


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