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Mind Body & Soul - 'Do It Right'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Do It Right” is a danceable celebration of all things funk and feeling good. With a classic bass-heavy track and modern touches of arrangement, Mind Body & Soul’s new track is bound to get listeners moving.

“Do It Right” opens into a bright, boisterous arrangement of horns, drums, vocals, and a large assortment of varying synth sounds. Punchy drums open the track, laying the foundation for a chorus of horns that swell in waves, building up the excitement of the song. The vocals enter in swaths of harmonies, cutting through the mix with lively, rich chords as they sing with conviction: “I wanna do it right”. Surrounding these vocals are subtle touches of color: a bell-like synth ringing across the top of the track, and a gritty, rhythmic keyboard underneath. Mind Body & Soul’s arrangement allows this song to blossom, the blend of textures and sounds making it full of life.

Right in the center of the mix, the synth bass is the star of “Do It Right”, immediately exploring melodies with a vivid sound that adds even more character to the song. Incorporating elements of the iconic “wobble” bass in its dynamic riffs, the unique sound also hits with sharp syncopation, adding an extra element of percussion to the track at times. These qualities of the synth bass allow it to be multi-functional, sometimes supporting the groove of “Do It Right” and other times venturing off on a colorful melodic tangent to keep the track interesting. The animated bass even has its own solo, embracing the spirited funk sound in a groovy instrumental bridge.

The track itself carries a quality of live performance that bolsters the energy of “Do It Right”, as you almost feel as though you’re listening to the song at a concert full of dancing people. With reverb resonating off of the sharp snare hits and layers of ad libs and background vocals, Mind Body & Soul is really able to capture that wide and exciting sound of live music.

“Do It Right” is an ear worm of syncopating rhythms, synth textures and a bright arrangement. Mind Body & Soul’s undeniable groove and energy will definitely have listeners dancing to this lively track.

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About Mind body & Soul

DR. Funk and his brother Power Morcillo (who plays guitar in the band) worked together to find the best musicians to join Mind Body & Soul. It didn’t happen overnight however the brothers are pleased with the members of Mind Body & Soul. Ray Zepeda (Saxophone) came in first in 2012 with musical success in his past; he was easily able to introduce the brothers to Ricky Lucchese (Trombone) and Brent Williams (Trumpet) into the crew. Later on, Farid Zariff (Percussion), Cesareo Garasa and Lamar Brooks (switching up on drums) and more recently Eric Barefield (Keyboards) joined Mind Body & Soul to complete the band. DR. FUNK shares that he is “so happy with the guys now.” Mind Body & Soul; a labor of love, came together in in Bakersfield, CA where DR. FUNK currently resides. The seasoned musical collective has traveled all over the nation performing their classic sounds that are a tribute to the music DR. FUNK grew up listening to Earth Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, Morris Day and The Time, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green, Sly & The Family Stone, Michael Jackson and Patti Labelle. Mind Body & Soul offers an escape from the daily grind that encapsulates love, positive energy and resilience that is not often seen in the music industry.

The music DR. FUNK writes with Mind Body & Soul is something to take along with you on a journey where you can experience life as you grow, love, experience loss and maintain the daily grind of life. There is no mystery that DR. FUNK and his band have chemistry with one another and their fans. Bentley Records and Mind Body & Soul have decided to release singles for the precursor of an album in order to maximize exposure and broaden their fan base. There are currently nine of the 12 tracks released from their project including “Do it Right: The Funky Remix” (originally released in 2014) which became #1 on mainstream charts for Independent Music Network April 2020.

Mind Body & Soul released their hit video to go along with it. June 2020 starts off strong with the #1 spot again with “Just a Matter of Time,” which is a beautiful song about believing in success and good fortune that will happen at the right time. The music video brings it all together as the band shows up for an outdoor musical performance and parade as they drive in with their classic cars, one of the group’s favorite pastimes.

For more information about Mind Body & Soul, please visit their website.


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