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Mirror Point - 'Is This Was This'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Mirror Point is a rock ‘n roll, multi-genre infused, duo based in Sanford, North Carolina. The duo consists of Marc Killian and Travis Jones who blend blues, soul, R & B, country, and pop for a spellbinding sound. Growing up on his parent's tour bus, Marc Killian (vocals,guitar, drums, songwriter) was raised around the music business. His natural musical ability was fostered and encouraged by some of the best in the business, and he has shared the stage with many touring musicians such as Kid Rock, Sebastian Bach, Chrissy Steele, Loudness and more. As a Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division and Army Special Operations, Travis (bass, songwritier) is a jack of all trades, spending time tending to his flock of chickens, servicing his 500-gallon saltwater tank, working with his pack of German Shepherds, home-brewing beer and wine, and also playing the bass. Their single, "Is This Was This", heats on the music scene with an award-winning sound and performance you won't soon forget.

Mirror Point's "Is This Was This" is a song that perfectly meshes acoustic jazz, funk, pop and rock for a sensational music experience. All of these genres combined make for a song that is super fresh and funky - there is never a dull moment as the shimmering instrumental arrangement and catchy tune captivate your attention.

"Is This Was This" grabs you on the very first downbeat with the entrance of the vocals against a moving, muted stand-up bass line and snazzy percussion. Two acoustic guitars play riffs in unison with a Spanish flair - their technique and sound is totally pro as they sound like one. Over this exciting and upbeat arrangement, Marc Killian enters singing, "There's something about you and I that just won't let me go." The music perfectly captures the heart-racing attributes of being spellbound by another person, and mimics the lyrics as it literally grabs hold of you. The chorus pops nicely off the track. The musical landscape thickens and the melody is highly memorable. "Is this love, was this love, what am I feeling?

Hearts on fire, pure desire, fevers rising slow.

Is this love, was this love, what am I feeling?

Were we wrong to move on, sometimes I just don't know."

After the first-chorus, artistic nuance is added. Funky-fun, wah-wah guitar chords and syncopated percussion become trance-like with hints of world music. Stunning guitar work glimmers. Vocal break-downs, "Get back...get, get, back," and swirling ambiance add to the excitement. The track is simply on fire.

"Is This Love" is about revisiting a past love, a love that has stuck to your skin over time. Just one touch can spark the old flame. The song examines how it feels to have doubts about a past love who you let go while trying to resist temptations. Some loves live on in our memories and we can't act upon our desires because we are no longer available to do so.It's complex and consuming.

"Is This Love' is a masterpiece. Mirror Point proves that they are group for the masses and for the discerning musical ear withmusical chops that never show off and only serve the song, vocal prowess, and great songwriting skills that expertly combine the best that multiple genres have to offer while giving us something very new and exciting.

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