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Mitch Linker - 'Given Everything'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Mitch Linker is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who composes lush, melodic, 70's-influenced pop rock. Fans of artists such as Elton John and Rufus Wainwright will surely enjoy Linker's music. After a 13-year hiatus from music, and with the help of producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, Brett Kull, Linker has returned in 2020 with a new E.P., "I'll Take My Chances” Hailed as his most beautiful and accessible music to date, the song "Given Everything" is a great way to get acquainted with Linker's thoughtful music.

"Given Everything" starts with soothing synth ambience set to light, steady percussion setting the mood for an introspective and uplifting mid-tempo song. As the verses move forward, bass and arpeggiated electric guitar are added for a full wall of sound. The guitar offers small connecting riffs between phrases during this tight and pristine arrangement. Towards the end, layering of vocals give the song a rich timbre. A moving instrumental interlude, that sounds like humming strings, and a tasteful and tuneful guitar solo also highlight the track.

Mitch enters singing on the first verse with a pure tenor tone that is forward in the mix. The song displays strong melodic sensibilities and is highly memorable. "I've devoured the books, cried to the songs, for so long, I've been so wrong." Mitch sings these words in an authentic and introspective manner. He is not bitter or angry. His expression is closer to contemplative, reflective. He goes on to sing about all the things he does to get it right. He talks to God, mediates, breaths and finally, he sees a glimpse of the light.

As the verses continue to the end of the song, lush harmonies and intricate guitar work make for an engaging listen.The verses build to the to the chorus which blooms beautifully with a doubling of the vocal line and well-placed background vocals.

"It's hard to be who I'm suppose to be

Given everything,

where is my peace and understanding?

After all I see, t's nice to be a restless heart with broken dreams

why can't it be enough to be alive?"

"Given Everything" seeps under your skin and into your soul with lyrics that explore our quest to be our best while our humanity inevitably greets us with our own shortcomings. Sometimes it feels like we are taking two steps forward and one step back. While focused to "getting it right," it's not easy to live up to our self-imposed ideals. "I can't begin this moment when I'm in the next one." The song's gentle message is one of inner peace, gratitude, and reconciliation with ourselves.

The rekindling of Linker's musical spirit has put forth a gift to the world that offers us the musical opportunity to exhale and enjoy a moment of beautiful. thoughtful music that has a positive message. Listen to "Given Everything" and feel the power of music wash over you with insight, honesty, and tenderness. In "Given Everything," it truly sounds like Linker has given "everything" to his music.

Please take a moment to check out Linker's song "Perfect" which also explores the voices inside our mind with a positive message."

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