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MJ - 'Falling'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staf

Female rapper MJ was born in Redondo Beach, Ca but raised in Pensacola, FL. She began her musical journey in 2011, spitting freestyles on Odd Future Wolf Gang tracks. The artist is inspired by both the hard hitting style of Southern rap and the smoothness of soul. Her

debut album, Live Through Me was released in 2015. After relocating to Houston, TX she followed up with a mixtape titled "MEEZUS". Currently her single, "Falling" shows the softer side of this rapper on the rise.

"Falling" commences with an electronic motif that echoes and bounces on the track creating an immediate upbeat reggae inspired pulse. As the track moves forward, the percussion picks up with snazzy syncopation creating a light, offbeat groove. Small melodic motifs and interesting riffs sparkle the mix. "Falling" offers many musical change-ups keeping it engaging from beginning to end.

The bass and beat drop defiantly queuing the entrance of MJ. MJ enters with a laid-back rap; she is one with the music. This song is less in your face and more about going with the flow of the moment. "First thing first / I loved you when I saw you / That might be too much, but let me warn you."

Falling" describes the progression of a relationship from meeting someone at a concert to falling deeply in love. The song perfectly captures the high of love. MJ cleverly references the Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" replacing LSD with descriptions of love, sex and devotion. "We falling in love / Getting high with no drugs / We Lucy With Diamonds In skies / Rule the world."

The song's chorus stands out with an interruption of the groove into an all out falling and swirling of sound depicting the emotion of falling for someone.

"Now I'm fallin' for you Know you feel this way too Now I'm livin' for love We can fly like doves"

MJ is a versatile and creative rapper who writes from the heart and "Falling" is a fun track with a groove you can lost in and lyrics that are easy to relate to. She isn't afraid to go under the surface and talk about pain, hate, and freedom. Her raw honestly elevates her rap. In "Falling" MJ talks about the future. She imagines living large. visiting the islands, taking vacation resorts with her man. Listening to "Falling" there is no doubt that MJ is already living large as a premier female rapper on the rise and will continue to accomplish all her dreams.

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