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Moving City - 'Can I Go and See My Lady?'

Review by Dylan Lloyd & Staff

The new song “Can I Go and See My Lady?” by Moving City takes on a sound palette of classic rock from the 60s and 70s, while making it sound both fresh and modern. The glimmery acoustic guitars, bright tambourine, and choice of effects on the individual elements throughout this song work together to create a complex feeling of melancholic happiness. The combination of effects on the instruments and vocals create a mezmerizing and nostalgic atmosphere.

The lyrics paint a picture of joyful melancholy with lyrics:

Am I feeling right, Am I feeling right about it...

Can I go and see my lady.”

There is the longing to be with someone but also the positive spin of having something they are desperately looking forward to. Pairing the lyrics with the group vocals in the choruses and the larger reverb effect really help set the tone and the meaning of this song.

The overall sound of this recording is almost as if bands like The Beatles and ELO recorded a song with modern recording capabilities and songwriting sensibilities . There are some interesting sonic textures coming from the guitars with the chosen effects on this track. Both the bass guitar and the drums lay down a solid foundation and keep a steady moving backbeat.

Be on the lookout for some more new tracks from Moving City, some upcoming live show dates in the next few months, and follow their Instagram account @movingcitymusic for a chance at winning some cool merch from the band. They are a great band with a fresh new sound that today's music scene will be more than happy to embrace.

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About Moving City

Andrew Facciolo and Jules Shaw started Moving City nearly a decade ago writing songs as an acoustic duo in Toronto, Canada. Since reuniting in Vancouver after a brief hiatus, we have grown to 5 members, adding another guitar player (Chris Johnson), Bass (Jan Toren) and Drums (Madison Norton).

Since the addition of the full band, the Moving City sound has changed from just two acoustic guitars to a very dynamic and diverse performing group, playing songs that were written originally on acoustic guitars and transposed into a contemporary pop rock/alt rock sound. With this transition we’ve still kept the wholesome roots of the raw acoustic vibe of our original writing. The simplicity and space of our songs make it possible for us to not only perform as a full band but also as a duo and trio with Chris Johnson on guitar.


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