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Nancy Kelel - 'Frontline Strong'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Frontline Strong” has an ethereal, heavenly feeling to it. The harmonic structure of this music is rich and complex, underscoring the intricacies of the song’s emotional subject matter.

Strength and sensitivity within the instrumental performances are abundant. Organ and guitar chords combine together with stunning beauty. Kelel’s vocals are deliberate and present. Her delivery is timeless and devoted. She weaves together perfectly with backup vocals during choruses and shines alone during verses.

Lyrically, “Frontline Strong” is loaded with emotional imagery. This song is a touching tribute to frontline healthcare workers. “They carry on, they’re frontline strong, do what it takes to mend a world gone wrong.” Simply stating the facts in this case highlights the dramatic significance of the moment’s truth. “They push ahead, their days are long, put others first because they’re frontline strong.” This appreciation expressed in this song is richly deserved, and well delivered.

“Frontline Strong” also demonstrates brilliance in arrangement and songwriting. The chord progression and vocal harmonies are beautifully developed. The powerhouse chorus resolves in the most musically satisfying manner, leaving the listener feeling a blend of strong emotions.

Catchy, unique and deeply emotional, this song sneaks up on you and hits you like a sledgehammer. Sparse percussion tracks, rich guitar voicings, and sweet organ chords create the perfect bedding for Kelel’s soulful and inspirational vocals. “Frontline Strong” is a truly uplifting and cathartic work of art.

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About Nancy Kelel

Her newest song, "Frontline Strong'" was specifically written to give voice, honor and uplift the Frontline healthcare workers and volunteers and help raise funds for the families of those brave healthcare heroes who sacrificed their lives while serving Covid-19 patients. The song is available for download and streaming in most popular online web stores, with a portion of net proceeds being directed to honor their legacy through "The Brave of Heart Fund." Nancy Produced and performed vocals and instruments on both the song and it's video version. Nancy Kelel, from Detroit Michigan, moved to LA to become a professional songwriter and make a difference in the world with her songs. She composes Soft-pop/Modern folk on piano and guitar.


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